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by far one of the biggest headlines

going into the beijing winter olympics

is the fascinating story of eileen gu an

18 year old girl born in san francisco

who two and a half years ago made a

surprising decision that she would

represent china and not america at the

2022 winter olympics in today's video

i'm going to break down why her story

has constant outrage amongst the us

skiing community but most importantly i

want to share with everybody the real

reason eileen goo has chosen to

represent china instead of america grab

your popcorn it's going to be a fun

episode today


let's start from the beginning who is

ilingu eileen is the child of a chinese

mother an american father and grew up in

california she learned to ski in lake

tahoe and has received the bulk of her

training in america much more than a

skier eileen has an impressive list of

accomplishments at only 18 years of age

she plays the piano other sports like

golf nearly achieved a perfect score on

her sats and will start her college

career at the prestigious stanford

university this fall finally eileen is

also an accomplished fashion model with

companies like louis vuitton and tiffany

and co building an entire marketing

campaigns around her it seems there is

nothing that this young woman can't do

but not everybody in america admires the

path eileen has chosen for her career

jen hudak a former winter x games gold

medalist for the united states women's

team recently shared her thoughts on

eileen it's not my place to judge but

eileen is from california not from china

and her decision to ski for china seems

opportunistic she became the athlete she

is because she grew up in the united

states where she had access to premier

training grounds and coaching that as a

female she might not have had in china i

think she would be a different skier if

she grew up in china now let's break

down these comments and first i do want

to recognize the truth in gen statements

there is no doubt about it america

invests a tremendous amount of money

into its olympic program and no doubt

american coaching and training have

benefited eileen she most definitely

benefited from living in america however

coaching is only half of the equation

the other half is raw talent and this is

something that cannot be coached or

developed you were either born with it

or you were not and eileen's talent in

skiing is second to none she is expected

to sweep the three events she will

compete in and realistically can walk

away from the 2022 winter olympics with

three gold medals jen hudak doubled down

on her comments this makes me sad it

would be nice to see the medals going to

america sure we can speculate that

eileen would have been a different skier

if she grew up in china but when you

have the most talent in your sport it

doesn't matter where you grew up you

will rise to the top a great example of

this is the nba superstar giannis

antetokounmpo son of nigerian immigrants

to greece giannis was born in athens and

as a child worked selling sunglasses on

the sides of the streets in order to

help his family survive giannis

eventually started playing basketball

and battled extreme racism growing up in

greece but he was born with the talent

of being one of the best basketball

players on the planet eventually giannis

made it to the nba and last year won his

first nba championship with the

milwaukee bucks greece has a decent

basketball program but it could never

compete to the system of coaching and

developing that america has developed

did janice's childhood in greece change

the type of player ghanas grew up as of

course it did but his raw talent still

brought giannis to the top of the

basketball world regardless of what

country he was born in i think eileen

fits in this category her training and

lifestyle would have been different if

she grew up in china but her raw talent

would have been the x factor that brings

her to the top of the skiing world no

matter what country she was born in but

what is the real reason that eileen goo

decided to represent china well let's go

back to june 6 2019 when she made the

formal announcement on her instagram

account and wrote the following i have

decided to compete for china in the

upcoming 2022 winter olympics this was

an incredibly tough decision for me to

make i am extremely thankful for the us

ski and snowboard and the chinese ski

association for having the vision and

belief in me to make my dreams come true

i am proud of my heritage and equally

proud of my american upbringings the

opportunity to help inspire millions of

young people where my mom was born

during the 2022 beijing olympic winter

games is a once in a lifetime

opportunity to help promote the sport i

love through skiing i hope to unite

people promote common understanding

create communication and forge

friendships between nations if i can

help to inspire one young girl to break

a boundary my wishes will have come true

love america love china let's break down

eileen's comment further to understand

this very important decision the first

thing she mentioned was the difficulty

in making this decision there is no

doubt that eileen loves america it is

the country she knows best and like all

americans we absolutely love our

homeland however notice the next thing

she says i'm extremely proud of my

heritage eileen's mother yen is from

beijing growing up she was a strong

tiger mom first introducing her daughter

to skiing and making sure her daughter

never forgot her chinese roots one of

the best examples of this is the

flawless level of mandarin that eileen

speaks in america it's not always easy

to raise children to speak both english

and mandarin fluently and i can speak

from personal experience on this my wife

is chinese she speaks fluent cantonese

and mandarin and despite having a father

that also speaks chinese we struggle to

speak enough chinese in the home our

family's main language is english and

although our children are learning

mandarin they do not speak it at a

fluent native level to be honest this is

something my wife and i really do need

to improve on what i really love about

eileen's decision comes out in the next

sentence when she says the opportunity

to help inspire millions of young people

where my mom was born is a once in a

lifetime opportunity to help promote the

sport i love with beijing hosting the

winter olympics this was a major factor

in eileen's decision to represent china

winter sports is growing tremendously in

china over the past 10 years millions of

chinese have started to learn winter

sports and even chinese president xi

jinping has said he would like to see

some 300 million chinese start to

participate in winter sports but the

chinese need a hero they need someone

they can look up to snowboarding is

already extremely popular in china in

fact earlier last month i had the chance

to interview two of china's top olympic

snowboarders one of whom leo dayu

already claimed an olympic silver medal

and the 2018 olympic games however china

doesn't have enough talent in skiing and

eileen goo could single-handedly changes

with her performance in beijing finally

let's look at the last statement eileen

said in her decision through skiing i

hope to unite people promote common

understanding create communication and

forge friendships between nations the

united states and china's relationship

is at an all-time low meanwhile asian

hate crime in america most specifically

towards our chinese-american community

as at an all-time high instead of

thinking eileen is ditching america for

china i want to challenge everyone to

think of this in a different context

eileen represents the future of our

world in 2013 national geographic

published a special edition entitled

what americans will look like in 2050

and this was the girl that graced the

cover of this issue look at her she is

absolutely stunning and represents the

future of our world a world that will

see more mixed-race children and more

cultures and nationalities blended

together i have to be honest i'm a

father of three mixed-race children and

i'm raising my children to be world

citizens i want my children to be

extremely proud of their chinese

heritage i'm an american and german dual

citizen my wife is chinese canadian our

daughter was born in hong kong she has

passports from each respective place and

in the future let's imagine that our

daughter becomes an olympian she could

represent the united states canada

germany or china whatever country

someone represents comes down to a

personal decision not a geopolitical one

however not everyone agrees julian coo a

constitutional law professor at hofstra

university and prominent voice on

chinese american issues went on to state

she's an athlete but she made a

political kind of decision to leave

behind the u.s and become chinese i

don't think she can dodge that anymore

today athletes in america talk about

non-sports related issues constantly

sometimes unsolicited the politics of

her decision are ugly julian is of

course speaking to the united states

decision to implement a diplomatic

boycott of the olympic games as they

accuse china of human rights violations

but professor ku is placing athletes in

a difficult position at the end of the

day athletes don't want to be involved

in a geopolitical conflict there are

more important things in this world to

focus on when pressed for an answer on

her decision eileen stated i'm an

athlete so i just do what i love and i

try to tell my own story i love skiing i

love fashion i love school and i love my

friends i'm an 18 year old girl growing

up and i just want to share my story and

so that's the only thing that i can do

as we conclude today's video i want

everyone to hear the words of jeff

ruffalo a former olympic volleyball

broadcaster and publicist who spent the

past two decades working for chinese

sports events the chinese are very

emotional people they don't show it but

when the door closes they become very

emotional and they know this woman who

is the best in the world has come to

them they are saying she chose us this

matters to them it means a lot to china

that she chose them now at this point in

the video i would like to share with

everybody my thoughts on eileen goo's

decision i believe that her decision to

represent china is a mature decision of

a young girl that realizes a rare

opportunity before her if she

represented america in the olympics how

many young american girls would she

inspire to take up skiing the reality is

very little because american skiing is

already so developed and the market is

so saturated even if eileen went to

beijing and captured three gold medals

for team usa it really wouldn't move the

needle for female sports in america

however by representing china eileen has

the chance to not only move the needle

she would become the needle in china she

single-handedly could inspire millions

of young girls in china to take up a

sport imagine eileen sweeps and wins

three gold medals for china this would

inspire an entire new generation of

female skiers inside the country 20

years from now china could become one of

the most dominant countries in the world

for female skiing and the next

generation of female skiers would all

say the same thing how did you get

started in the sport well it all started

when i was a young girl in china and i

watched eileen gu come to our country

represent china and win three gold

medals it was right there at that point

that i knew i wanted to become an

olympian and follow in eileen's

footsteps because of eileen i'm here

today as an olympic champion now of

course i'm only speculating on what

china's development and female skiing

will be in the future but again this is

the opportunity that is presented to

eileen goo right now and it's also the

very reason that every single sports

league wants a presence inside of china

the mba the nfl nhl mlb

every single major leagues from the

united states wants to have more

exposure to china and all of them dream

of having an athlete from china

competing in their league by far the

clearest example that we can give here

is the effect that yao ming had on

growing basketball inside of china and

the nba's brand inside of the country

one player can single-handedly change

the entire game and this is the

opportunity that eileen goo has in the

palm of her hands everyone i want to

thank you so much for making it to this

point in the video and the 2022 winter

olympics have officially begun in

beijing and i will be tuning in these

next couple of weeks and making sure

that i support these games support the

athletes and support the amazing stories

that they represent imagine if the

world's best skier wins gold at the

olympics and somehow brings the united

states and china closer together that

would be a gold medal for the future of

our entire world everybody i want to

thank you for your incredible support

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