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[学习本文需要基础词汇量:5,000 ]

listening test

instructions the listening test

is about 50 minutes

there are six parts in the listening


you will have about six minutes to

listen to each passage

and answer the questions

the passage will be played once

left click on the mouse to select your


practice question

there is one practice question

listen to a short conversation the

passage will be played once

then listen to the question and choose

the best answer

unfortunately i missed the concert last


listening to problem solving you will

hear a conversation

in three sections you will hear each


only once after each section you will

hear two

or three questions you will hear the


only once choose the best answer

to each question

hello may i help you well i have a

problem with these tickets

i got them for my birthday and they're

for tomorrow evening but i can't come


is there any way i can exchange them of

course that'll only take a few minutes

on which day would you like to see the

show tuesday or wednesday of next week

would be best

unfortunately the show isn't being

performed on either of those days

it plays the rest of that week and then

it closes

darn that doesn't work for me too bad

my friend saw the show a few weeks ago

and said it was amazing

could i get a refund then i'm sorry we

have a policy of no refunds

only exchanges isn't there anything you

can do

well let me speak to my manager i'll be

right back


question one why is the woman speaking

to the ticket seller

question two what is most likely true

about the show

question three why does the man go speak

with his manager

sorry that took so long unfortunately my

manager says we can't offer you a refund

but you can exchange these tickets for

another show in our season regardless of

the price

would that be okay i guess so what other

shows are playing this year

our next play is macbeth hmm

a tragedy no i wouldn't like that

we also have blight spirit which is a

comedy and

beauty and the beast a musical i love


i'd like to see that one on which day

would you like to see the show

it runs the entire month of february

i'll need a minute

why don't you help the next person in


question four why does the man give the

names of

several shows

question five why does the woman need a


hi i'm back i'd like tickets for the

february 4th performance

all right now let me turn my screen

around so you can see

there this is our online seating chart

all of the seats in green are currently


the ones in red are taken unfortunately

our balcony will be closed for

renovations during february

let's see i'd like those two in the

fifth row in the middle

no sorry i mean at the end the two at

the end

okay done now just a reminder that you

aren't allowed to bring cameras into the


food and drink are also prohibited but

can be enjoyed outside in the lobby

cell phones are allowed but must be

turned off anything else i can do for


actually now that i think of it i'd like

to get a third ticket for the same


my daughter would love to see it no


that'll be 68 then here you go

thanks enjoy the show

question six where does the woman choose

to sit

question seven what can the woman bring

into the theater

question eight what is the woman likely

to do next

listening to a daily life conversation

you will hear a conversation followed by


questions listen to each question

you will hear the question only once

choose the best answer

to each question

hey honey i'm back the wine was on sale

so i bought two

bottles instead of one how's the pizza


i just ruined it i put the oven

temperature way too high by

accident the crust is all black and


it's totally inedible and judy and paul

are supposed to arrive

any minute now don't worry it's not the

end of the world

do we have anything else to prepare for

dinner is there any pizza dough left

maybe we can make the pizza again i used

up all the dough

there's no more tomato sauce or cheese


all we have is salad and a whole frozen


but that won't thaw fast enough well

we could always go out for pizza there's

that place a few blocks down the road

golden pizza house uh not that place

we went there before remember the pizza

was soggy and the sauce was too salty

yeah you're right it wasn't very good

well there aren't that many other

restaurants around here except for sushi

but we have chocolate cheesecake for

dessert cheesecake doesn't go really

well with sushi

we still have vegetables right yeah

there are plenty of vegetables

isn't that a bit boring though it'll be


judy used to be a vegetarian when i

first met her in college

in fact she taught me how to cook quite

a few dishes

all i ever ate was beef pasta and canned

soup before we became friends

anyways let's see we can make stuffed


and cream of mushroom soup that will go

nicely with dessert

really you're such a good cook now i bet

you wouldn't have burned the pizza

but you're right let's make the best of

it stuffed zucchini sounds

yummy and we still have the salad too

exactly and we have two bottles of wine


dinner isn't ruined it's going to be

delicious let's start on the vegetables

before judy and paul get here

question one why is the woman troubled

question two what is the man's first


question three why do they decide


golden pizza house

question four what do the couple decide

to do

question five how did the men meet one

of the guests

listening for information you will hear

a conversation

followed by six questions listen

to each question you will hear the

question only once

choose the best answer to each question

hello juicy apple orchards this is

michael speaking

how may i help you hi there my name is

anna howard

i've been backpacking in canada for the

past three months

and i really wanted to experience

working on an organic farm this summer

i met another traveler who told me about

your farm

and that you take volunteers is that

right that's right

we've been offering free accommodation

and food in exchange for fruit picking

for the last 10 years it's a great way

to have fun

experience what life is like in the

canadian countryside

and meet amazing people from around the


i would love to do that how many hours a

week is it

and what are the duties to be done we

ask our volunteers to work

four to five hours a day and we schedule

rotating shifts for people

as we're primarily an orchard every

shift will involve apple picking

the early morning shift workers also

feed the chickens

the noon workers also turn the compost

and the evening workers also feed the


that sounds really fun so how do i start

you could start anytime we've got a few

volunteers right now

still there are five rooms left in our

volunteer guest house but i have to ask

you first

are you over the age of 18 and are you a

canadian resident

i'm 23 and i'm from the states

i'm on a holiday visa is that acceptable

or do i need

a working visa great no you don't need a

working visa to volunteer on canadian


as long as you don't stay longer than

four weeks

that works perfectly as i'm going back

home in three weeks anyways

your farm is in peachland right i'm in

castlegar right now visiting a friend

it's tuesday today would i be able to

arrive on friday

yes we're in peachland friday sounds


we'll prepare a room for you see you


question one where does the woman want

to volunteer

question two what does the man offer the


question three why is the woman in


question four what time will the woman

start work each day

question five where does the woman come


question six why does the woman want to


listening to a news item you will hear a

news item

once it is about one and a half minutes


then five questions will appear choose

the best way to complete each statement

from the drop-down menu

residents living on the outskirts of

chapel hill are being asked to put a

tight lid on their garbage

because of an increase in black bear

sightings parks and wildlife official

gary hampton

explains that the recent heatwave has

dried up several of the black bears

natural food sources

such as berry bushes and fishing streams

and has forced the bears to seek food

near urban areas

hampton warns residents of chapel hill

that garbage provides a variety of

appetizing foods for a hungry bear

and the best way to avoid problems with

bears in the backyard

is to keep garbage cans in the garage or

in the house

until they can be collected by city

workers a local resident sandra nelson

complains that keeping her garbage in

the house is not an acceptable solution

yet what smells bad to most people can


very appetizing to a hungry bear the

aroma of garbage can attract bears from

far away so if residents must put their

garbage outside hampton advises people

to purchase the animal proof garbage


these cans have lids that are difficult

for animals to remove

not only do the cans keep the animals

away from the garbage

but they also keep the garbage smells

from attracting the animals

listening to a discussion you will watch

a two-minute video

then eight questions will appear choose

the best way

to answer each question

you will watch a discussion among three


there are two women and one man they are

at their office

this is lynn this is ivan

this is rena

hello you must be ivan i'm lynn

chemistry hello lynn yes ivan

math and i'm rena biology

sorry that i'm late i had a little

trouble finding the room

so we're the new part-time instructors

congratulations to us

you're here i think we should all go out

and celebrate once we get this

all figured out i can understand why the

human resources person wanted us to meet

it's awfully tight in here isn't it i

don't even think there's room enough for

three desks

at least there's a window though i don't

even think there's enough room for two


let's hope that our schedules work out

and one person wants to use the office

in the mornings another in the

afternoons and a third in the evenings

this carpet is ancient i love it

let's ask for a desk that at least has

drawers on both sides

i could use the ones on the left and

reena could take the drawers on the


and i'll take one of the drawers and

filing cabinet that still leaves one

drawer for each of us for our files

i think that should be enough i would

imagine most of us use our laptops for

our files

sounds good okay do you think then that

that means we could have three bookcases

one for each of us

yeah i'd like that i don't mind sharing

a desk or a filing cabinet but i want my

own bookcase

me too if we move the filing cabinet

over here

and the table over there maybe there's

room on that wall

for three bookcases we'll also need a

chair for the desk

and one for students for office hours to

go over papers answer questions

and a whiteboard over there so much

better than a blackboard

i hate getting chalk all over your

fingers and then all over your clothes

well i guess i can get used to a

whiteboard i also think though that we

should have a bulletin board for above

the desk

for notices schedules meetings what have


and we're going to need some whiteboard

markers and thumbtacks good idea

i could bring a coffee maker a tin of


that table is pretty small but i think

it'll do i hope your coffee maker's not

too big

i'd like to bring in a tea kettle and

i'm sure we'll all have mugs we want to

put there

listening for viewpoints you will hear a


once it is about three minutes long

then six questions will appear choose

the best way

to answer each question from the drop

down menu

multicultural societies are more

prevalent around the globe than

ever before canada is often credited for

instigating this movement

back in 1971 when prime minister pierre

elliott trudeau declared canada to be a


nation trudeau envisioned a country


recognized and respected the

contribution by various ethnic groups

to the cultural enrichment of canada and


implemented policies to safeguard that


however the german chancellor angela


recently declared the policy of

multiculturalism a failure

there have been significant demographic

changes in many countries over the last


unfortunately in some nations this has

resulted in

intercultural tensions thus

other european countries have also

condemned multiculturalism

as a passing fad that does not actually

promote unity

in today's diverse societies

sociologist arlene brandon argues that

these countries cannot condemn a

practice that they've never really

attempted to properly implement

brandon's research on the success of


has shown a strong correlation between


and multiculturalism the nations that

have most successfully adopted a policy

of multiculturalism

are those that have allowed immigrants

to eventually become citizens

thus creating a strong sense of unity

and inclusion

presently canada and australia are the

most multicultural countries

and because of their policies their

demographic changes have generally

occurred peacefully and positively

france norway and germany on the other

hand have failed to truly adopt


since they treat foreigners as temporary

labor and not

as future citizens brandon says

these countries should not blame

multiculturalism for their problems

but rather their poorly designed


however not everyone agrees that

canada's multiculturalism has been


according to controversial author nora


present-day multiculturalism as

practiced in canada

encourages segregation and

hyper-political correctness

alcabar argues that multiculturalism and

diversity are not the same thing

she says that diversity refers to

differences in thoughts

opinions and viewpoints whereas


involves equality and mutual respect

among a population's cultural groups

she maintains that multiculturalism

should mean engaging with others in a

meaningful way

about their assumptions and goals

alkabar says

that canadians today are so worried

about offending someone

or saying the wrong thing that they

don't engage with other cultures

or ask questions they may have which she

finds disrespectful

alcabar claims that a true multicultural


is built on mutual respect and hopes

that the next generations

engage with each other more honestly

what do you think canada is it time to

have a frank and honest conversation

about multiculturalism in our nation

we'd love to hear from you after this

commercial break