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the clear bird on desire your freedom

rate for patriotic boy sits near red

white blue never give up you represent

here are some exciting seeds for today's

episode of Liberty's kids it's time for

us to band together it's time for us to

become patriots and patriots

I can hardly believe it's been a

fortnight since I paid you all farewell

I miss you terribly yet my heart is also

filled with delicious anticipation of

the new life which awaits father and me

in the colonies I look forward to

settling and dr. Franklin's home in

Philadelphia and long to see father

again when he returns from the


I'm proud to have a brave Explorer as my


I wear his locket always we'll all be

reunited on the wonderful land he is

sure to discover I shall be true to my

world and right every day your loving

daughter Sara

Moses Moses hurry

not again James freed so Moses help me

this is my last clean shirt much obliged

dr. Franklin has warned you about

standing too close to the press while

I'm working on it

look at yourself fantastic when someone

wants to know what's on my shirt I can

sell them a newspaper

we're paid to print the paper not wear

it I don't just print the paper I'm a


you're an apprentice journalist true but

someday I'm gonna get the big story then

dr. Franklin will make me a full-fledged

journalist it's from dr. Franklin in


give me that on read it's addressed to

Moses you look like James and you look

like someone who's desert I'm gonna eat

10 lads drop everything Sarah Phillips

isn't coming to Philadelphia good I

never understood why she had to stay

here anyway

fetch your coats we're going to meet her

at the ship I thought you just said she

isn't coming to Philadelphia she's not

dr. Franklin says miss Phillips couldn't

make passage on the Dover

she's aboard the Dartmouth and the

Dartmouth is heading for Boston Boston

that's in Massachusetts Bay Colony and

there's been trouble up there lately

we have to hurry she's all alone come on

I hope I'm not putting you out of your

way dr. Franklin not at all

lady Phillips I have an appointment just

down the street besides life's a

wilderness without friends last night I

had a terrible dream my Sarah was in

danger danger in Philadelphia let me put

your mind at ease it's a fine City the

second-largest in the Empire she'll feel

very much at home lady Phillips that is

a relief I worry about her been with

major Phillips off scouting new lands in

the Ohio territory Sarah will be all

alone but she won't be alone

she'll be in fine company with my

associates Moses James and Andre Sarah

couldn't be safer if she were still

cradled in your own arms

gentlemen of Boston the hour has arrived

you know me as Sam Adams neighbor and

friend hear me now

Parliament continues to treat us with


first the Sugar Act raised our taxes did

we have a say the answer is named then

the horrid Stamp Act nearly drove us to

ruin and who can forget our brothers who

lost their lives in the Boston Massacre

governor Hutchinson insists on

collecting Parliament's T tax this is

Boston it's smaller than I thought my

joints are aching from these rotten

roads the axle is bent

it'll have to be repaired before we head

back the ride home will be smoother good

otherwise I'd rather walk home how are

we going to find Miss Phillips you don't

even know what she looks like

she sailed on the darkness that's a good

place to start

let's burn it

it's time for us to band together as

Sons of Liberty it's time for us to

become Patriots

hey she's gorgeous

walk Indians

Oh ha with yellow hair there's a story


let's see where they lead us

they're headed for the Dartmouth we've

got to find miss Phillips fast

you get miss Phillips I'm going to get

this story just the tea men remember

we're not to damage anything else we're

just after the teeth

but why are you destroying the tea we're

protesting unfair taxation Parliament

raised the tea tax over our objections

maybe next time they'll listen

do you know what that means

nope by old the other saying it's we've

stumbled into the story of a lifetime

I'm going below deck to see what's

happening stay out of trouble

what hit me

you'll never take me alive

take you where wherever Indians take

people I'm not no Indian none of us are

you're not an Indian who taught you


who taught you to act people in the head

my apologies I thought you were here to

kidnap me kidnap I'm a journalist for

the Pennsylvania Gazette

now what do you have to say about the

tax protest is that what this is about

disgraceful the tea is private property

this is so uncivilized

if you are any kind of Englishmen you

drop that pencil and put a stop to it so

you think it's okay to impose taxes on

the colonies even though the colonies

don't have a vote for Parliament

I think loyal subjects of the king

should obey the laws of their country

and you can quote me on that

mister what is your name

Hillier James Hillier and who would I be

quoting whom may I be quoting if you're

going to write for a newspaper you

really should treat words with more care

just tell me your name will you have

work to do

Phillips miss Sarah Phillips of London


sar aah eh ah Sarah Phillips you're

Sarah Phillips

I can't believe you're sure Phillips I

am and I'll thank you to stop shouting

mr. Hiller I've had a very rude welcome

to America and you're not making things

any better we've been looking for you

have you and why is that Benjamin

Franklin sent us dr. Franklin's said to

you now who's yelling redcoats

Andriy we have to get out of here where

is James look it is not a mistake James

come on the Redcoats are on their way

come on unhand me Oh miss Phillips I

presume thank goodness we found if we're

caught by those soldiers who will be

thrown in jail which in my opinion is

exactly where traitors belong sorry miss

Phillips but I can't print my story from


let me go I'd love to but dr. Franklin

told us to take care of you James look


I'll get you for this

whew Brett scallions men stop them

immediately I want them now

is everyone okay that was fun what a

story this is headline news know your

voices we're not out of the woods yet

are you crazy

do you want the British to catch us I am


we're all British right now

those soldiers think we're criminals

criminals what did we do wrong we were

in the wrong place at the wrong time

the wagons over there let's go

down the Redcoats will recognize you

three but I'll just be another basement

servant even if you don't like the laws

you can't just ignore them that will

lead to chaos what if the law is unjust

Parliament would never pass an unjust

law what they have I interviewed the men

tonight the colonies must pay taxes to

the king but we have no voice in

Parliament does that sound fair to you I

don't know what to think

I only know Ben Franklin would hardly

approve of what went on tonight then you

don't know Ben Franklin quick get down

the constable be still or it's jail for

us all

oh good evening constable by night fine

night for troublemakers state your


I'm just bringing some freshly quartered

hogs to the Wheatley residence hogs say

you at this time of night I think I'll

have myself a look I wouldn't if I were


these are some big ugly hogs nasty to

look at and do they ever smell you're

right they do stink the Wheatley home is

right around the corner hurry along now

the Redcoats have Boston under curfew

nobody's allowed on the streets after

dark won't happen again

much obliged sir

this is the place come on Moses how do

you know the Wheatley's you've never

been to Boston

I don't know the Wheatley's but all of

my people know phillis wheatley how from

her poetry she's the finest poet in the


muse where shall I begin the spacious

field to tell what curses unbelief tough

yield a woman who can write like that

would never turn away someone who needs


why are we at the servants door yes miss

Wheatley yes we're in trouble miss

Wheatley and we are hungry

did mr. Adams send you um yes there's a

stable round back the door squeaked so

be careful we can't wake the master

you're a slave when I was 8 years old I

was kidnapped in West Africa and taken

on a slave ship to Boston

the Wheatley's paid for me in the

auction and took me home

mrs. Wheatley helped me learn to read

not just English but also Latin and

Greek please go on

well a few years ago all of the reading

gave me an urge to start writing poetry

and soon thereafter my first book was

published it has got any rather good

response in England though very few

copies have been sold in the colonies

that's not surprising and maybe you

should have put pictures in it

the Wheatley's have helped me greatly

they even sent me to London but I don't


you're still a slave my situation is

very different than most the Wheatley's

and I belong to the Old South Church it

is our hope there through meeting

Africans white people will realise how

wrong slavery is I'd love to read your

book I'm afraid you'll not be reading it

now miss Phillips we'd best get under

cover before someone sees us

go I'll bring some vittles

we'll never make it back to Philadelphia

on this axle it has to be replaced

good I'd like to stick around Boston

this is where the action is me too if

miss Whitley can write half as good as

she cooks she must be another

Shakespeare phillis wheatley be

somebody's property it's outrageous am I

the only one who sees this

those men tonight's throwing tea into

the water all that talk of freedom what

about freedom for miss Wheatley not

everyone in the colonies believes in

slavery Sara talk is easy and freedom is

priceless I know I was born free in West

Africa but when I was not much bigger

than little Audrey here my brother and I

were captured and chained to the decks

of a ship an awful ship the long voyage

to Virginia slavery

that's terrible Moses how did you escape

I escaped by using my head in my hands I

learned smithy a valuable skill the

master loaned me out for odd jobs here

and there and sometimes I was given

silver coins for my work when I earned

enough coins I bought my freedom back he

traveled to Philadelphia there I learned

to read and write and was offered a job

by dr. Franklin man who hates slavery as

much as i but moses how can you support

those rebels in england slavery is dying

here it's thriving

I believe America's struggle is like my

own the colonists consider themselves

enslaved to a master they did not choose

and that's a fight if it comes to


I will not duck fight you for the


Hey oh it's very late we should get some

sleep good night all

father I pray you are safe I pray you a

return from the West

so we can be a family again my lock is

it's gone

dearest mother so much has happened

since I have arrived

I barely know where to start I'm so


these Americans speak of liberty and

freedom for all but denied to those with

skin different from their own I only

hope that everything will be alright

once dr. Franklin arrives and I trust

that all is well with him dear Sarah if

only you knew German Franklin the great

dr. Franklin friend of humanity inventor

of the lightning rod father of

electricity author of Poor Richard's

Almanack deputy Postmaster General of

North America yes he is all these things

but he is something more he is a traitor

I charge dr. Franklin with instigating

the Boston Tea Party the East India

Company lost hundreds of crates of tea

with many thousands of pounds this

lawlessness was encouraged by dr.

Franklin in his speeches and writings

his tribes are enormous and for his time

he must pay the price

we must make an example of Franklin that

the colonists will never forget