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give that freedom back get my

independence I declare retard the side

of life that bill is out for your

freedom rate and patriotic voice it's a

red white and blue never give up you


today on Liberty's kids come on men we

have to catch whoever's hanging these


and if I find so much as one poster its

jail for the lot of you

dearest mother they called it the Boston

Tea Party but believe me this is one

party I wish I had missed

the Yankees claim all this trouble is

over taxes why are you destroying the t4

protesting unfair taxation Parliament

raise the tea tax over our objections

maybe next time they'll listen ruffians

cowardly disguised as Mohawk Indians

destroyed a shipment of tea sorry miss

Phillips but I can't print my story from

jail let me go I'd love to

but dr. Franklin told us to take care of

you James look out in a struggle I lost

fathers locket

I'm very angry America is a strange

strange place I can't say that I like

what I've seen of it we live in a barn

hiding from His Majesty's soldiers

sheltered by remarkable woman

a poet and slave named Phyllis Wheatley

James honoree and Moses support these

radicals but I for one can't wait to

leave Boston yeah okay I'm sorry you


I won't brush so hard hey allow me oh

when is dr. Franklin coming soon I hope

very soon your loyal loving daughter


how many do you see on re oh dude what

got sync English on read not French I'm

counting the English well how many are

there now too many mustn't be a soldier

left in England what should we do what

should we do

the British are occupying Boston I've

got to get this to the cassette right


come on honoree

on the evening of 16 December the year

of our Lord 1773 Cowardly bandit

disguised as Indians attacked the

Dartmouth a ship flying the colors of

His Majesty King George the third and

who is responsible for him flaming the

subjects of Boston to this violence none

other than the man before us the

esteemed Benjamin Franklin his crimes

are enormous the East India Company lost

hundreds of crates of tea with many

thousands of pounds this lawlessness was

encouraged by dr. Franklin in his

speeches and writings his inflammatory

paper the Pennsylvania Gazette continues

to foment sedition rebellion fireless

treason you are a scoundrel sir have you

nothing to say for yourself the heart of

a fool is in his mouth but the mouth of

a wise man is in his heart ah the famous

Franklin wit perhaps I need to remind

you a rope is the proper reward for


Boston harbors closed hundreds of new

soldiers arrived by ship this morning

would you please mind your tongue

where's my pencil I have a story to

write headline news James those filthy

redcoats are everywhere

that's right James after that long sea

voyage these lovely redcoats could use a

good cleaning and this may need some

soap and water

let me help you miss Phillips fine

morning isn't it tis you who could use

the soap and water and that small mouth

of yours you're absolutely right you'll

have to forgive my manners I'm an orphan

I was raised on the streets and

sometimes forget my place where's that

grub we was promised I'll check on it

right away sir why don't you come give

me a hand in the kitchen the kitchen

that's women's work Hey the kitchen of

course it would be an honor to help my


what our Redcoats doing in the barn it's

called quartering a soldier just knocks

on your door anytime day or night and

moves into your house we have five more


I can't believe King George would allow

that it was Parliament's doing they call

it the coercive acts the Intolerable

Acts would be more likely this is an

outrage that's right we have to cook for

them wash their clothes and they don't

have to pay a single shilling I am

outraged do this fight was too small you

are the funny one aren't you how did you

come to be in the colonies I came here

with my parents

Omri was six years old when he left

France with his parents they signed an

agreement with the ship's captain to

work for seven years in exchange for

their passage three weeks into the

journey the plague hit the ship and half

the people on board died including

anri's parents the captain made me his

cabin boy he said I have to pay off my

family's passage all the time cleaning

his room getting his food his clothes

hauling buckets of pool and if I did

anything wrong he threw me in the hold

for hours

how dare he I belonged to him you mean

he made you a slave on me that's


thank Heaven you're here now how did you

do it Moses and I went to the dock to

pick up parts of a printing press that

had come over from France we went down

into the hole to get the parts there was

on read on the floor behind bars I

thought that came to hurt me

but Moses got him out with the handle of

the printing press it was amazing it was

just what needed to be done but how did

you get him off the ship

we found the crate of parts and Moses

took the parts out hid them under straw

put on rien instead we closed the crate

and carried it off the ship right under

the captain's nose right under his nose

but we had to wait another month to find

other parts for the printer I'm still

not sure it was a good trade then I

wrote to dr. Franklin and asked to have

on rework in the print shop to pay for

his room and board

dr. Franklin said yes but then he did

something very bad what he told me I

miss learning to read and write French

and English speaking you had but the

reading we have to work on see work on

it work speaking of which I must get

back to my work or it will raise

suspicion lieutenant Brampton was by

here earlier talking about the tea party

and telling master Wheatley if Boston's

going to cause trouble Boston's going to

pay the piper

that's only makes sense whose side are

you on

I didn't know that was eyes we're all

the king's subjects maybe your subject

but I'm a citizen I have rights

doesn't Phyllis have rights you know

what your problem is miss Phillips you

think too much for a girl and you talk

too much for a gentleman Phyllis I need

a printing press I've got to get the

word out James

until Moses can fix the wagon we're

stuck here the city is swarming with

soldiers who had liked nothing better

than to arrest us for your tea party

take this James Tamil only published my

poems I can use his press anytime

mr. baloney Tom Maloney open up

we're friends a phillis wheatley there's

no one in there

today's the Sabbath the Lord's Day well

the Lord helps those who help themselves

remember it was gave us the key ladies


at last a sign of manners Redcoats we

have to work fast

who goes there

where damn kids go off to I've been busy

doing my chores I'm sure they're around

here somewhere

Michael battle total on your feet those

are the troublemakers have run off the

city is under martial law the breaking


we'd better fast lieutenant Brampton oh

I've got to warn

I'll get there the same brats who got

away during the tea right but they won't

get away a second time

keep going on wreaths hi so the sunset

good it's time to spread the word

What's Wrong Sara James are you really

an orphan I heard you tell the soldiers

before it's true I was a tiny baby when

it happened mother and father didn't

have one of dr. Franklin's newfangled

lightning rods our house was struck and

burst into flames

it burned to the ground I was lucky

a neighbor pulled me out in the nick of


dr. Franklin's lightning rod has saved

thousands of lives when I was old enough

I sought him out he offered to take me

in as an apprentice now I've been

working at the Gazette ever since I'm

sorry for complaining about a silly

locket when you've lost so much more

that locket meant a lot huh my father

gave it to me before he sailed for

America when it was around my neck it

was like having him near me

always he went up the Ohio River to

explore new lands when he returns mother

will join us here but we haven't heard a

word from father in nearly a year you're

worried about him see this it's

beautiful it's my mother's ring

so you see I know just how you feel

about the locket grab a stack honoree

it's time to go must you do this

you'll only make things worse I have to

why because as dr. Franklin's friend

Edmund Burke said an Englishman is the

unfinished person on earth to argue

another Englishman into slavery in

summary milords Benjamin Franklin the

Deputy postmaster of His Majesty's

colonies is a traitor his own writings

and all this treachery I asked that is a

minimum he be stripped of his position

as postmaster and then he bear the

stigma and shame of a scoundrel disloyal

to king and country

from the bottom of my heart I thank mr.

Wedderburn for everything he has said

against me what kind of trick is this my

gratitude is sincere you've answered a

question which is troubled me since

boyhood but you have finally put my mind

at ease

the question is fundamentally when my

fellow colonists arrived at the same

answer is I a great Empire may fall no

treason mr. Wedderburn says I'm a

traitor but this is not true the

question is answered for me is thus am i

a British subject or am I the citizen of

a new nation a country distinct and

different from England and today I

declare my answer I am NOT British I am

an American and man can only betray his

own country my country is no longer

England my country is America

that's but one here

what do we do now

we pray Moses has the axle fixed on

wreath I think we may have overstayed

our welcome in Boston how do we get past

those redcoats follow me

must have fallen off a cart come on men

we have to catch whoever's hanging these

posters are you all right on REE which

one of you said that James on me are you

all right whoa quick we have to get out

of here

too late everybody inside

the wagon is good as new we must leave

town right now while it's still dark

so my men and I are riding past this

print shop when I hear voices coming

from inside so I asked myself what

someone doing in a print shop at this

hour on a Sunday you know what I told

myself I said printing these you had

this all wrong sir

these gentlemen are interested in my

poetry they wanted to see where it was

published poetry you what do you take me


show them Phyllis yes let's hear this

poetry of yours descend to earth their

place they throne to succor man's

afflicted son each human heart inspire

to act and bounties unconfined enlarge

the close contracted mind and fill it

with thy fire right so you're a poet

but I still believe these runts have

something to do with spreading rebellion

and I aim to find the evidence tear the

place apart if you have to and if I find

so much as one poster its jail for the

lot of you you me what's your name Sara

Philip sir Philips you say I served

under a major Philips during the Seven

Years War major Phillips is my father

Sir is that so

then you're an English woman miss

Phillips it's your duty to tell me who

made these posters the truth now your

father would expect you to tell the

truth to an officer in the service of

his king

I I spill it girls

well I'm waiting young lady where are my


you must be half-frozen riding in this

cold weather I'll fix a pot of tea on

the Franklin stove there the fire is

stoked we'll have hot tea and half a

tick and now what was that you asked me

for something about posters nothing

lieutenant the place is clean

no sign of them signs yeah I don't have

time for this

come on men the rabble rousers are out

getting away while we're dilly dallying

with children and poets and tea quick to

the wagon before they come back

Phyllis how can we ever thank you keep

fighting for freedom Betts how now be


I'll keep watch until you're safely gone

thank you for what you know

I don't know what you're talking about

sure you do you saved our hides

James I'm very tired and I'm cold

I'm going to make it gentlemen out of

you yet and I'm going to make an

American out of you yeah

little more Moses good that looks great

dearest mother so much has happened I

hardly know where to begin your latest

letter brought the shocking news from

London it's terrible that dr. Franklin

has lost his position as postmaster but

praise the Lord he didn't end up in jail

or worse James can't help that racket

little more roses good would you please

stop that noise I'm trying to

concentrate go ahead James

it's finished Sarah what is it the boys

have a little something for you for me I

thank you for saving us here for me

Moses made it it was my idea it's

beautiful you like it I love it

but where in the world did you get the



are you sure you like it your ring it's

the greatest gift I've ever received