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my friend I'm pastor Terry Bohm from

Canada and I want to invite you to a

life-changing series on prayer

you know most Christians want to pray

but many of us just really feel we don't

know how well I'm going to give you a

prayer tool box we're going to give you

tools 9 different kinds of prayer that

you can use on many different occasions

that will make your prayer life

dramatically improved I hope you join us

hi I'm pastor Terry bone and this is the

first in a series on how to pray

- yeah how's terrible woman de Kushida

the DG just woke up

I'm calling this series the prayer

toolkit and I'll tell you why watching

silly energetic are the kanji chantez a

casa you wish me eye catching means it

most people who pray have a certain way

they pray and they pray that same way

all the time

double Fernando ganador you got Tony

Allen more joy Antigua more support

on it God but in this series we're going

to learn that there's different kinds of

prayers that we use in different

circumstances cuz you said you see death

on don't know I'm John we shared outside

put on the chin confound John your boot

on the up it's like having

different tools in your toolbox - the

kanji Sallie Mae oh but on the Golgi and

of course every carpenter knows that he

needs a whole array of tools if he's

gonna do the job right there I'll make a

move John touch it - I would have become

so ha - yah yah yah but on the kanji and

if you listen in these sessions and

apply the principles that I'm speaking I

believe that it will improve your prayer

life dramatically

Johnny de sitio so John de ma tante ah

no Manik ae-jong chitta she awoke I need

to make a congee before we begin I want

to ask you about prayer and how you pray

so see one Mukasey they should holy I

want yogurt that guy - you hook I got

this do you believe that God

answers prayer yo G so Hawaiian gamma

let me tell you a story

yo gossin you got many years

ago we a group of us went to China on

emissions to

she doesn't hear me Italian woman doubt

don't go to translate we went way inland

to the Shin Jung province well meant

darn ad dishing John we were in a

city called Ulla Moochie and we were

teaching English to Chinese students

well no tuna wound sheets and you mean

Chow even and we had tremendous results

and several people became Christians

when I Diego hiya hot doggery ontology

tofu but a few years later the Lord

spoke to us and said go back and find

those people Jean Jehovah changed on

your muffler cheesy chocolate is here

yet we wanted to go and encourage them

see you a magic coup d'etat MIT and this

was before the days of internet just

used a whole new GT nischala and we no

longer had these people's addresses

chisel mentor Jimmy Otis you in the

kitchen so some of the members of our

team prayed Yoshio and the do cheat on

taka and they flew from Canada where we

live all the way to mainland China you

mention a gentleman just want young I

thought fade out junk when ad and they

arrived in this city of a million people

well made you a chance to me pie wagon

what should they do now not yeah I'm gay

so Shin Mina they prayed coming Dhaka

and then they began to ride the bus

through the city

yeah haha meant you're dodging gone

out essentially Vinci at a certain place

they're waiting at the bus stop and the

bus arrived

say Tommy is that going to Jack Degel

Chuck the doors opened and off the bus

step the very person they were looking

for no Jimmy that kind of shot to the

engines are coming out daughter it do

you think that's a coincidence

anyway June as she taught him that what

are the mathematical odds of that

happening a judo judo Jiu Li Shan the

fashion kinesio dushana

obviously it was a direct answer to

their prayers hey man that judgest

atomic dog out she did away I want to

give you another story so I can you me

like a cool recently I was at a

restaurant in Canada

dude you with a John bigot NT and I

ordered a certain drink no way are you

bein yeah but the the waitress brought

me the wrong drink

cuz she landed on you should not get a

Tooting yeah and when I told her that

she turned to me and put her hand on my

shoulder know what else with her honey

not short now get with us yo well Joe

john-boy told she and so Ted how did you

buy shop she looked directly into my

eyes how'd you can you

and said I'm sorry I'm hearing impaired

how did she you know at the tea leave

with haha I don't hear all the sounds

correctly open then go went and the

teacup you is so hot so I brought you

the wrong drink see anything now she saw

that immediately I thought I should pray

for her well he got you the way yeah we

have out God I asked her she believed in


well when casually Shawshank gosh I wish

I'm not she said yes how I said that so

I just prayed a very simple prayer to

Jesus acknowledging that he had all

power and that he was able to heal her

ears say widgets onika phaeton she and

Dennis out God showed me yes would you

do yo-yos lawyer to Chimpy kaya no

Nikkei Egypt had at door and this was in

a restaurant with people all around us

did you say get Santini no mr. Joshi yet

the next day I went back to the same

restaurant GERD you okay doctor on

attending and that same wet waitress was

there and she came running up to me

Nutella Nisha - I had a Potawatomi LA

and she said today on my way to work I

started hearing sounds I'd never heard


do you know how I shall vanish OJT 90

shaking she waiting me out Dean wada

riding her bicycle beside a pond she

heard the Ducks she never heard them

before that she's doubt doctor there's a

good chick on pomian how to Tina Yahya

attention male teen Wanda and many other

sounds had she trying to show you is

that a coincidence

did she tell him huh no it's an answer

to prayer she did was she that you

should talk God Hawaii

God does answer prayer Shen DJ Wincott

he answers prayer

from people who perhaps we think don't

deserve to have their prayers answered

as you will meet you a tamagotchi

English 18 hammock up he answers

desperate prayers when people are in

great trouble

document agency da Cunha and don delaio

lead a Gaussian kinga but sometimes it

seems like he doesn't answer our prayers

yeah the Shah has a couple who I am dead

calm and we get disappointed and we stop

praying woman just you I'm booked out

gala but I want to ask another question

now as we begin see.well McKay she's

done dodgy tellies yeah when you leave I

go NT why doesn't God answer all of our

prayers where's Michelle where you want

mr. lagana

well sometimes we just ask God for

things when we're in trouble

your Lycia home

my finding me on the tight oh we

treat prayer as an ambulance

woman Judith oh gosh I should show Kucha

the call when we're desperate

don't you want to see Hotel Chicago but

if you and I will learn how to live in

between those desperate times then God

will answer our prayers when we need him

when we ask for him whatever we ask he

will answer those prayers create our own

agenda negotiate elementa appuchi

awareness yo yo yo cookin congestion

chang-ho nope no woman she's that you

only the tall girl what she's that feet

you only me and taka talla Joaquin de I

believe there's two main reasons why

people don't pray more well hola Adriana

gain us my Yemen boo canto de taco first

we don't understand its value shows

Yamato got a jack we don't

comprehend how powerful prayer is and

how God has appointed prayer to govern

the universe

well mr. DiPalma by taça de lille i EG

general hood ding ding toga like Django

Unchained each other John the fashion

and secondly we just don't know how dear

Dan Shulman come on put your God so

we're gonna learn zoom yeah a man

that had been in Asia working as

missionary told me this story you gotta

tell you they got Jojo she enticed you

there in Casa Ortega cool in the

location that he was in he said

everybody believed in prayer Jess let

say the default a shoemaker and those

shining thought gotcha cliche but this

is how some of them were praying

cuz you haven't said without ghana they

had this wooden Idol that was up on a


come on Josh Yana yo yo mucho shot and

they wrote out their prayer requests on

a piece of paper

yup I'm coming out God that she's on a

date John she shot and then they were

crawling up the hill yeah how posh a

shot crawling as a sign of humility to

the gods

baby I'll show dish accommodation to eat

John go 10 feet and then they actually

rolled up their piece of paper that had

their prayer requests on and put in

their mouth made it wet as a spit ball

yeah how much about Eugene about how yo

let Vaughn JJ Bally hung on kochujang ha

ha Ji Hyo Jung ko Sato chandni chowk and

then they would throw it at the wooden

Idol yeah I heard you darling

a shot and if it's stuck it didn't fall

down they believe their prayer would be


Joey do you Janani entity Camuto Shasha

milk - I like Johnny Depp Yamato my

whale up but if it fell off they believe

their prayer was not going to be

answered Jojo Jojo I don't wanna

tsukitachi boy Dada Hawaii that sounds

ridiculous to me can't I do so homey on

Jeolla but maybe some of our prayers are

not much better

yes um the dog and OSHA holy SH and Tom

and Jen I know that the Orthodox Jews

believe they should write their prayer

and put it in a little crack in that

remaining wall from the old temple in

Jerusalem magento note each other in the

Tommies giant omelet dog and gadget

Eddie shot from that couch on the digger

Tom Foley Selenia but how do we pray as

Christians no woman's you know - a

shocking thing can't talk on them

sometimes it's like sending an email

into outer space and we just hope God

reads it

how's your mashenka chick against gog

now how old are you joining your major -

angels you do time now what you believe

about prayer will determine how you pray

and how much you pray you dorito goddess

she knew her no magic o JT needs a

Madoka eg me wait dawn she talked up so

let's take a few minutes to look at some

of the well-known scriptures in the

Gospels and the New Testament to

understand the nature of prayer and the

value of Prayer so Mahajan shakeela

contention Jeannie yeah hey Jenny


God on Iran let me jump back up first of

all Matthew 7 verses 7 and 8 says you

know my kind of my Kathleen she gone she

got bites yet Jesus is reminding us that

God does answer prayer

yeah so teaching women struck Shen teach

away inca asking it will be given to you

seek and you will find knock and the

door will be open to you you men she

told your gaining machine Jojo Zheng

Jian coleman jogini man came in everyone

who asks receives he who seeks finds and

to him who knocks the door will be

opened fancy showed that your third Jim

Johnny Joe Shinji

Coleman that's yogi talk amen but as I

mentioned before it sometimes doesn't

seem like every prayer

answer chuja watch it Antigua big booty

mega hassan da da da Hawaii one of the

keys of course is persistence diancie

don't you look when you shout sushi put

Danny dog up cuz the words here in the

original language don't mean just ask

once or just look once they mean to keep

on asking to keep on seeking and to keep

on knocking hey chilli did a young when

the Chokin Shing chop which is you it's

it I should should she put on a

teacher's she put on teaching job she

she put on the comment but the real

answer to the way prayer works is found

in the next verses 9 10 and 11 cuz she's

ginger yep I got the window Glen G and

Joshi Thank You Shan ji ji ji went oh

gosh she's yet which of you if his son

asks for bread will give him a stone or

if he asks for a fish will give him a

snake image on Jia Jia artichokey

Frankie - etana shown you Frankie

Hashanah if you then though you are evil

know how to give good gifts to your

children how much more will your Father

in Heaven give good gifts to those who

ask him in a sandbox on th it down now

don't you get Ernie haqqani means a kiss

on the food see bucum baja don't see

Cacho Tateyama so the very first

principle of prayer is that prayer is

based on relationship se da da da da da

da da da ji truth are you can see

relationship with a Heavenly Father

you can't which is integrati a father

who wants to give good gifts

did you can't entice young y'all go a

maja don't you so the basis for which we

approach God is that he loves us that

he's got the things we need and he wants

to give them to us

well Malaysia mere Shinto center company

Joshua woman cheetah Shannon a woman how

will my a Bella haughtily beat it I say

okay woman and the Bible assures us that

even though sometimes it doesn't look

like we're getting what we asked for

right away

God knows what's best for us Shinji Jen

women cheer yes you lose your ho

well mr. chota bheem le marchand dr. Shi

Shan Eng - i'ma do me she still hotter

and in the Lord's Prayer

that the prayer that Jesus gave to the

disciples that we call the Lord's Prayer

the very first line in that prayer is

our Father who is in heaven

take Jelena yes so Giada mentored our

woman in Changsha Tashi to Darwin Church

in Kashi - aha yes with your Chun Tian

foo is this might seem to be an obvious

point but it's a very important point

cuz yeah how immediate but I do Chun

careful cuz you're just you go fish I'm

throwing out a job yet

because we we come to prayer with a

boldness you know we mention young kinda

gene you to get out golly we come to

prayer not based on how good we are or

the good works we've done but based on

the fact that our Father wants to answer

those prayers

well mondongo the ticket teacher would

say you woman - lador how was your woman

your similarity nice English inside

yo where you want to go so in this

series we're going to describe how to

develop that prayer at how to develop

that relationship through prayer so

judicially lenient well y'all Jadhav

ruler judge otago ligation technique

when she and I'm going to give you

practical tools and things that will

help you to stimulate a prayer life

that'll be better than you've ever had

now where I can use your shitty the

country right y'all need to talk up

Nonnie where your agents are you good at

you yet so prayer is first a


st. Augustine Joseph Clancy relationship

with our Heavenly Father

you can switch is in the glassy but

secondly it's a relationship to the

spiritual realm that's out there dear

Donna she's at warminster Joao de Deus

Julia the guanxi I'd like you to turn

with me to the book of Ephesians chapter

3 verses 10 to 12 oh hey hey Faso -

san-jay-z - Archaea we are cha cha cha

cha ching chong tojon John Chen de cinta

dutchess n PI bond o qu quick now in the

verse before that Paul the Apostle is

saying that we are to make everyone

aware of the secrets of God so GT g 1 GT

and that should

Paulo sure oh my god mayito endo tchen

Oh me he's talking about preaching the

gospel to the world Julie found the army

and I just shot she shot you trying for


but then he shifts from the physical

world the world we can see to the

spiritual realm that we can't see cuz

she Julie not hot joong-dal she Shonda

ting-kwong Jamar John John Doe shootings

yes you're my book cuts in the drunk huh

he says that the the wisdom of God

should be made known to the rulers and

authorities in the spiritual realms

house all know Josh ended soon

acquaintance uh and go arounds a

shilling she educates you didn't John

she ender don't you stop and how Samia

how much she told us through the church

THL weight and how do we do that

Samia night sauna through our prayer

next et Joel top now let's continue over

to Hebrews the book of Hebrews I'm gonna

read a couple of scriptures and I want

to paint a picture for you that's very


oh man I do similarity jinghuan John Joe

Valachi decanting Shula try to follow

along and if you need to write down

these scriptures

Jeremy she the Honda Jesse shout I just

hit you one because when you get this

picture in your mind it will increase

your understanding of the importance of

prayer and the power of prayer

Joanie's John Chi Chi Chi 1 Chi Chi

session Joni Joe Pesci da Dada

jr. she cheated allelic agente de Souza

in Hebrews chapter 1 verse 13 the

biblical writer quotes Psalm 110 where

the father says to the son Jesus sits at

my right hand until I put all your

enemies under my feet see what I saw a

junkie atashi essentia jelly nuts Oranje

sure that in yo that she can't eat by a

sheikh in the my center he is so sure

y'all suicide whether you're being short

I need a child eat Sony that's y'all huh

now when these words were first written

many years ago was before Jesus had come

to the earth just now yes oh my gosh

Ashanti changes yet the Jordan basic

shopping tillu it was a prophecy just

Iike a yen a mystery to the people who

read it

are you so do the real identity she tell

me who is this Lord that's being

referred to don't you just John the

jjigae Jewish is Shana and where is he

sitting Pat Suzanne naina

but now as Paul says in Ephesians these

mysteries are known to us as the church

my Ganga do go to a photo shoot even par

logical swimming short a joke well I

don't want meeting G dr. daniela if you

read through Hebrews 1 in Hebrews 2 it's

very plain that this Lord is Jesus

himself Joanie

don't assume Elijah Eureka Joe Giudice

way to attend a judge - yes you Tito and

we know from other passages in the Bible

that after Jesus died and rose again he

was raised up and is seated at the right

hand of the Father

oh hey chica Trudy jinhwan laude yes we

did silly fool horsing that saw that for

Shanna European and now in Hebrews 2

especially verse 8 it tells us that all

the things in this world even though

Jesus has all authority not everything

hasn't been brought into subjection

under his feet yet CBI agent pacci ago

Superman sure yeah so cheeto yo yo check

this out Sawyer the champion cuz you're

hyper sure major shooting those like how

did y'all shot now when Jesus left the

earth he said to his disciples all

Authority has been given to me daya so

she'd only catch at each other she also

had a mental measure

soya the champion no I didn't say koala

he's paid the price for the victory how

alleging addition for Charlotte idea God

created all things so he has he deserves

and has the right to rule

chené trans Ollie eat so you can't

pay the tungo tungo

we know that sin removed that right and

it has been restored through jesus woman

she told us yeah you are young man fancy

to the champion should she casino yes

would you do that Joshua to the champion

up a doorway through sacrifice in the


Judith how - is he - on the seashell but

now we're in this in-between time she's

a woman she's acting a wench and ocean

can she change your ecology then she's

here Jesus has won that victory on the

cross yes what'd she do - you see - on

intellectually but the authority in this


old that the devil has has not yet been

brought back fully into the control of

Jesus cuz she says she's on Jumoke the

chimp inna Jaime a wine champagne

Dido yes would you do the junk Letitia

and that is to happen through us through

the church Samia lights or China and she

teach a woman you should target Yahweh

so I like to say it this way see where

Joshua Jesus is sitting at the right

hand of the Father waiting for the

church to overcome evil yes you do so

therefore Soniyo p10 deng chao phraya

ancient asian up and so our prayers

um we battle in the spiritual realm

through our prayers

well mrs. teeger wanted God's actual

intelligent jack and the way we do it is

this woman some it's not tongue that we

listen and discern what God's will is

well is it she teamed in Japan BMCC

energy we declare it on this earth let

me just get these shots you got to light

we speak his will

I'm just shots with have it G we pray

his will oh my god how did she eat

according to the way he leads us she can

she got any woman the function and as we

do that things change

omote down society okay yellow one day

he will rule the nation's again yo you

can talk we like John Riley agua and in

the meantime we are restoring that

authority through our prayers I'm a

potion that you do without God woman

should I wait for did HM be so your

prayer life is far more important than

just getting answers for your own life

saying the Talca shank wanna bow

cheating she willingly did you saw Joe

yeah Joey God wants to use your prayer

life as part of his means to restore

this earth to the way it should be cos

you need a dog out like a few gennadiy

chose how you like I yo this is

many Christians don't understand this I

know this you to Pilate a chicken thali

some have heard this message but don't

participate in it with their prayers

yo Syrian ultimate Inc or Dec see cuz

you say I'm the dog on a trip with

shishi but I'm inviting you to step up

and join this amazing battle because you

are guaranteed of a victory if you do I

sure why y'all Cheney Joshua take

attention you a joke on each I rule upon

each it away to a shot

I have seen the destiny of Nations

changed because of prayer what kind of

watch are the me me and you thought go

get it

I want to tell you a story about Canada

my home country she that goes when you

walk without a cool just tell that

that in the 1990s our church was

discovering this power of prayer

hey Johnny me and Eddie Chicano home

look what I fighting about God agenda we

began to have four or five prayer

meetings every week magazine Co media

sadaqa way as the pastor I attended them

all because I wanted to be there so I

emotional Joe I got your soil attack off

wait you know what she went we were

learning this truth that God will govern

not just people in churches but Nations

if we pray well well she got to the


washing Jeanne jelly jelly jar Omaha the

taco shell while I talk around the cause

yeah so here's what happened fighting

some one of the provinces in our

nation wanted to separate from the rest

of the country well we'll go down you

are you Sean - I'll go medic what a

friendly the province of Quebec just a

quick bit cook and they were taking a

vote on whether to leave Canada or stay

come and say Tokyo Judy tommy y'all be

all denied action sheet Omega Kojak was

duly and two weeks before this vote they

took an opinion poll and found out that

most of the people in that province were

in favor of leaving Sergio Tokido lycian

she just chantamma Japan Domingo fashion

letitia's occur because of a simple

friend oh she want Lee Chi Janet are to

lead many people were worried in worried

in our country so ahead during detention

because this would divide the country

geographically and politically Canada

would never be the same again

yo Jo Jo Jo prep a friendly approach in

cheetah TV shampoo TV sector for me

John dodge a boy Tommy go back to the

quote yeah and pretty well everyone in

the news and even the politicians had

resigned themselves to believe Canada

was gonna split up Jinju Nina uh sugar

gin gee-gee opposition matey

come Antonio Johnson John by eating with

friendly add up but but God had revealed

to several intercessors including people

in our church that it was not his will

for this country to divide Kushinagar

sushi with that dr. Paul quotes G

weights a woman Charlie me there yet

should the Jeep Oh y'all Jonathan here a

thousand of us gathered together one

evening so you can show me a Jenner and

Gigi said work not just for my church a

thousand people from the city which is

Joe so what did y'all feel I should pay

attention you mean the each hand again

all Christians

doechigi O'Toole and we began to worship

the Lord oh my gosh eating patient we

began to declare that he was lord over

our nation oh my god Shane got Paschal

McCoy shout at you you see when our

nation was founded some of the

originating legislators actually put a

bible scripture in our government

offices and declared that this nation

should be under god so Magwitch an

additional olesia de lis father yang yin

tamesha tisha chelation tina jinhwan

Peter Sheng Gong cha cha cha cha cha in

Kishida shangguan ichi-san - Pooja

so we claimed that scripture for our

nation so I'm just shrink I'll do the g1

goddamn look what I should sit we made

declarations so you want me gelation cup

also God's shoulder showed us where we

needed to repent for sins that had been

committed in our nation che cose little

melamine garlic what's also found the

easy answer like we get and when we get

to the session on intercession I want to

talk to you about this weapon of

repentance no momentum dr. Edgerton

kadesha ho where Kazuto Jia Craig idly

Lia and how powerful it is in opening

the door and giving us keys for Kingdom

power eg quick I should throw me your

chin and gay woman John the Quentin and

oh hey to go shooting Jenny Channel

so God led us in that large meeting to

do repentance for the whole country

change it Danny woman's you said to get

out at you honey Minoru hello way to get

to watch okay and then God spoke to my

heart since you do what they sing so I

stood up in front of the entire group

what gender so they means Yin and

declared God's will

well Justin gosh and itchy and then on

Sunday I I said these words from the

pulpit where I preached so was so John

Todd I take a joke when about you would

you tell sure I said God has spoken to

me that he

will not let this nation divided what's

your changing castle sure we are

answering a quite a friendly it and we

declared it let me just you ain't got

you know what happened fighting ship me

she's not two days before the vote

something very strange happened Tony

Antonelli I can't flashing in sweat

the national airline said you can have

free plane tickets if you will come to

the capital city and have a rally to

keep Canada together no more charge of

Hong Kong goals in the torrential

Ukrainian focaccia SAT late oh um - OH -

Josh are you got yo chunchu quick

hammoudi Joseon town I got hurt II

actually I said the capital city was the

city of Montreal which was in the

province that was wanting to separate so

many people from Canada came and had

this big rally saying we want to save

the nation know what I'm so sure that

you get offended she she she said creepy

Kedah Montreal take a chance anemia

Johan just a friendly at a nigga shunda

to your attention your Honduran

defending attention sure won't be a

friendly arrow Miata wage a daddy poof

it if I remember correctly it was about

a hundred thousand people

Johnny wants you the highest schooi and

this touched the hearts of the people in

Quebec jaegwan OGC d'etat gonna kick ass

in tonnage or to Monaco bakery and the

scene as the rest of the nation said we

want to stay together with you

ha Jung Joo Shin King don't you John

that she had again like that chigga

chung like - the show will miss you on

him until mid-april fent and the opinion

switched change is your topology but you

got yellow and when the vote came in it

was 1% more voted to stay in Canada than

voted to leave Don toby huss your

question she traditiona a JD leo de ja

na da Jia Kuo chillin and Anna tagua

League had a G open G E and after that

the people who were trying to separate

lost their political influence and today

that group has has no influence in the

nation at all nomination si yo Tony Tan

back to leader teaching unit AMA all I

just should you comes a change

Shawny coach and she going to the

unquote shinza how many enemies are Lila

praise the Lord that made you I believe

it was our prayer and the prayers of

other prayer groups the same night that

turned the tide that changed it and

released a strategy from heaven to save

our nation well Jessie Swapna taka is at

hunger she danced she had a dog out

twenty consejo de taka each Irina

woman's shoe polish and Italian ticket

Isha John Pullum the gotcha now the

question is could God have done that if

we didn't pray when teachers shy room

without god oh hi Shane so the

challenging scheme' uh I suppose he

could have well do that eyes yes akela

but God has chosen to do nothing on this

earth except in answer to prayer cuz

you're Shane shinza Sheila Wayne dog are

you right I shut up what's up okay let

me just make this a very simple picture

for you yeah what box huh yeah wait a

three time the did Dan

remember we said that Jesus is sitting

at the right hand of the Father until

the father puts every authority in power

under his feet

you know what mister - yes who saw that

solution that yo dear eat all

cancel power Sawyer the champion phone -

how - Josh yeah the Bible says we are

Christ's body Shannon also me show me

yes what you do that you T so if

everything's under Christ's feet then it

must be under our feet - cuz we're a

part of that body

Jared made you she's don't you that yes

og to the Josh Elliot you think I wanted

Josh a lot you know I'm GG through the

GED Buffett and there is no creature

that's ever been created who can who can

who can live with the head separated

from the body Mariga shown tacky she's

your gorgeous

Gerald had a toga and even kind of hot

obviously the head makes a decision the

body follows and does the action it's

the same with Christ's body comedian and

I just wanna tell JD home descent a joke

and gerontology T lies in don't

jido show em the total machine have a

shanty this truth is actually wrapped up

in the prayer we call the Lord's Prayer

GD Jenny ninja behind oh my god ontology

to tell a woman the truth I wanna meet

we're told first to pray our Father who

is in heaven Hallowed be your name

let me show ya aqua woman tee shot at

fool ya Yin don't Sonny the mean way

shop so first we recognize his saw his

his greatness his sovereignty

so she I'm one Miao Yin Xiu cos you're

awake battle me I'll tell you how to do

chin then we pray your will be done on

earth as it is in heaven

I'm just a garnet ji tensions at the

Charlotte on second shot so in other

words everything you think and will in

heaven Jesus whom you are sitting there

at the throne everything you think we

pray will be done here on earth through

our prayers and through our actions

Raja - Raja - yes Lucy - Lucy also the

hot sauce on the shitty just tha woman

otoko Yoho - Angelo Chawla and so our

prayers are are the are vitally

important to God's plan in this earth so

um Dada gonna do energy she's inside

each agency way - yada now if we

continue reading in the book of Hebrews

when you get into chapters 3 & 4 you

find even more truth general ji wushi

but I shall send John sit down cliff I

think Kendall you're going to a family

listen she more truth on this subject of

Prayer gendou yoga yoga the chimney and

in Hebrews 4 it tells us that we should

be bold in coming to God Hebrews 4

verses 14 to 16 see borracho see - you

see - Olivia

Johnny gossamer show me a tan would you

like a shin pads or chant verse 16 says

let us a throat approach the throne of

grace with confidence that we may

receive mercy and find grace to help in

the time of need

she lets you show woman she grant hang

on would you tell like ash in such a way

Italian she Moines quite so sorry she's

a punctual we are not like they were in

the Old Covenant where they had to use a

priest to get their prayers answered

well whichever side you really mean

entamoeba share Tiger Jesus with John Jr

John ham Tatanka tena koe de da ye where

the priest did the sacrifices for them

Ginny TCL wait how much she's changed I

see shell and only once a year could get

they go through that thick veil in the

tabernacle or the temple to go into that

holy place daddy singing aids in a

tongue commands at energy nutrition so

when Jesus was baptized it says the

heavens were opened

Danya so she do it showed seen yes yo do

you want gospel my show I can tell and

when he was crucified it says that the

temple veil was torn into the hot baking

session - - on the show show GG j-josh

Endymion in the months the tongue shall

go sadly a cat and in the original

language of the Bible that word of the

heavens being opened is the same word as

the temple the veil being torn they used

the same word Shan Tina Munim your mind

Jenna yes who steals Chelsea can't iet

send in the mentally acacia Tony that's

it and so Hebrews 4 verse 16 shows us

that we can go right through that

opening and have direct contact with our

Heavenly Father

you know I shall see - LJ show what

monkey ggg-go to the eating back Heather

care your hot dog fish enemy inch an

amen amen

what a privilege J she could touch it

what a joy do you guess you love what a

responsibility yes she got added to it

now I pastored for almost 20 years

what's almost action yet sometimes I

would see people would get get ahold of

this truth and get very excited you're

the show

come on image in the ggot nice you sure

you hide your feet on this infant and

they want to do spiritual warfare

coming out so Shu lien Jin Chen and they

begin to fight the devil in their

prayers how much is it down here like

ammo get that job or pray big prayers

was it so good oh my god thought all

right like I was talking about saving a

country they will start praying prayers

to for God to change the nation Hassan

was so young Cole a ginger you'd go Josh

so you come York ashitaka

so yeah okay being a good job and they

became very bold jo hae-yun get but we

must also be wise

cuz SHINee truly okay well Tommy and we

must discern the

to our authority Ethiopia being

attending the fairway the reason we

could say the nation of Canada back in

1995 was because we had agreement and

God had given us that authority to pray

when they're doing in their hallways

you're my kid you're thought collected

joke what Jana you exactly ho

Shengo went down the Chimpy first John

chapter 5 around verse 14 makes it clear

that prayers must be in the will of God

yeah you Josh this is yet phaeton teach

with the cow so am I sure won't be sure

and Josh in the cheetah

so as we go through the different kinds

of Prayer we're going to help you learn

how to make sure you're in the will of

God when you pray don't meant a sound

approach only d'ottavio cha cha dr. ruja

sit down John serious energy but before

you go out and battle all the forces of

evil you need to do something else then

you Cho chikun sorry oh that's yesterday

John ishani hi shel topia this okay

we must build a place for God to live in

our own life before we go out in battle

dome Entergy john gto miss Cheney on

that one this year what Tonto wish and

Jenny got you so remember I said in John

14 I think it's verse 23 jesus promised

that God the Father and himself would

make their home in our heart you have

registered Aisha essentia Yeshua Yeshua

man Shana packing food y'all tell a

woman that you don't you chew in fact I

want to read that verse for you

well I do JD Mahalo jesus replied if

anyone loves me he will obey my teaching

my father will love him and we will come

to him and make our home with him yes

okay - sure your I watch your potential

with the table well for you be a cop in

Omaha Domenici eat I don't chew and so

let's learn a little how to build that

home together

no Rachel a she she's a million lights

you need to get USANA because if we go

out and try to do battle in prayer

before we have a protected dwelling

place in our hearts the enemy will

attack our lives

Johnny woman that shows you

tangey tension telemedicine calling me

amigo paper with the juicer John Geoghan

see as soon as you make it your goal to

do great things for God in prayer you

will become a target of the enemy

jeong-ja ghanian you cheering hours into

a fashion irritation

hey Morgan see maybe you know the story

of 1st Samuel 30 job Johnny G Kilohana

summer G Shonda say she's down the cool

this is the story of King David in

the city of Ziklag John Doe uh I want a

psychologic internship at that time he

went out to war Nisha ha ha cha cha cha

cha and he and his faithful men their

families were back in the city nama JK

Yong soo can have a giant doses I tell

Selene it and when they came back after

the battle an enemy had come into the

city and stolen their family and all her

possessions I'm sure she thought John

Fernandez you're coming fuzzy and toady

become the Jana and getting Thomas

worried about dr. Zola so they had been

faithful to go out and fight but they

hadn't been wise in protecting their own

family in their own possessions Suriname

I don't see that Georgie back down cuz

your time Emil hunts on the map also

come the giant and come in the paycheck

and I do know some Christians who give

prayer a great priority in their life

what you know you see the Jews whole

generation function see you get so much

stock up and they come to all the prayer


calm down soonest I'll go hate me but

they don't take care of their family cuz

should help but talk with me that's

again they don't protect their family

yeah Baba who Tom the giant and the

enemy will surely come after their

family if they don't jerilyn boo ha ha

the bow will come the giant AHA chori

Dawa kanji Tom the giant

I've had this happen to me many times

and Naja Hodja that was it Sally

ah for about 8 years since we resigned

as being pastors the Lord has led us to

travel the world and we've been on five


deshaun Watson episomal she choked on a

panel a shampoo totally ohmmeter

tacho the linearly seen our calling is

to go and teach and help leaders in any

country the Lord leads us vamanos

muchachos una etapa tonig wa jalla me

and she Pancho Chavez I said Alicia and

just last night I

was on the phone with my son who is back

in Canada so they went shower just

should say damn honking waters jump ah

when I'm away I I phoned my family email

them almost every single day

don't but they Janice your whole know

what making I do hunter with a Dahlia is

he you know get comment cuz I know

that's my first priority

you know what you thought Thomas you

wash I mean Daniel does show ya Julius

II and just this week they were facing

some great difficulties but in prayer we

prayed agreement prayer on the phone and

God has changed that circumstance judy

scenes you tell me Jenna Hernandez on

console a woman said dolly

yeah harsh on dude Oh God let me change

okay be lateen qua so it's always a

priority to first build that dwelling

place for God in our heart so you teach

oh yeah - yo siento um - you don't wash

Angelica do so and then we pray for

God's authority and protection around

our our private world and our family

Johanna down woman went to G to get Co

the she J do you want Italian like

alcoholics you ho then we can go out and

do great things for God ja woman's

Hecate she chuchi wishing gotcha okay

well let's talk now about how to build

that dwelling place Samia attendee did

you saw I want to use a couple of

pictures again from the scripture say on

June 1 lenient Duchy teachings yell I

saw anything wrong Jesus told Peter that

he would build his church on the rock

yes a girl subito sure talked with John

had a chocolate chimneys at Pine Street

she shot and I'm one of the parables in

Luke six Jesus talks about a man

building a house on a rock or on the

sand was that we need to know John yes

with John collee Koreans look up I

thought the funds is Ginny's that pasty

shall get shot to a shot

so let's think of that picture for a

moment each I trying to get cool to

build on the rock is to build upon faith

in Christ the revelation of who Jesus is

my father's in the parish and easy to

shoot back ng T and I hear so she

totally Taniya take a chick with a pen

shaky yes what you do so if you know

Jesus is Savior going to heaven John you

got yet so she can get yo tuna fish on

can't huh but the question is what are

you building on that rock no more Wendy

Josh needs education so Chauncey a chef

we need to build the house the home the

dwelling place for the Lord

well Monsieur hoc Anita Jack Paso Jeju

the defunct first Corinthians three

talks about the materials we build with

kendo channel D st. John Kelso man when

you shimmy on it's highly all I change

you go fans it talks about gold or

precious stones

John dodging oh versus wood or hey

Rajesh its humble cut you and it says

that when the fire comes it will test

the materials that we build with

millennia Shahana Joe it's all yet you

know shermanology Lydian found it so

again keep this picture in your mind so

yeah bye Judah

- yeah haha OG - enjoy when we get to

heaven God's gonna test the building

materials of what we've built with our


oh man that can tell us your ocean let's

how ya know show me don't you light ends

on this show me this is the character we

have developed you Joshua woman the pink

is a godly character jessica Shushan

topeka built by the Spirit of God

Judah Shannon link I tend saw that or is

it worthless works rejection Esau so the

dough should be attached to the console

obviously fires gonna burn up the wood

but it's gonna refine the precious metal

Darnell on your holy and shadows your

hook Josh's homology jewel shard Allah

you or she team Bosh is your bail until

up so we build upon the rock sumenep a

she shot ends up we build with precious

stone with with good character and the

materials God gives us well male Jean

Bosh you know how that Pinker Young

Saeng game that's hella ends up but how

do we build it Sammy ingenta what are

the tools we use well me yoshiyama kanji

that's what we're gonna talk about Jin

Delhomme Japan jjigae the tools of

Prayer dadada kanji so let me list some

of those for you by that bitch'll a get

going G got let's say I gave you a

hammer can you get chase it could you

build a house John kept okay Jim faughn

sit with just a hammer

Joe you chase it well I suppose if you

worked hard enough and long enough you

could build a very simple house with

just a hammer goober cheering I hated

Ohana Johnny go Jorah honk only the high

education target Jian Dan the fancy you

could take the claw of the hammer and

dig out the foundation very slowly meet

a young eager chasing online cry boo

Yahoo Johannah Amanda jinguk Angie and

when it came time to cut the wood you

could just hit it with the hammer until

it broke yeah oh uh me chance she got

Tim Mottola yo y'all change it she chug

ha each that have done yeah you get the


judge that was just easy she Shamala

very slowly very arduous Li and

painfully you could construct a building

with just that one tool fate huh why man

aren't you a typo CUDA me Youngjae

eco-conscious crazy or 10 but it looked

terrible cuz she defies any honcho

wouldn't be quality IJ Maremma how the

peoples of us would give up long before

we ever got close to completing it I

shall men topple Center in the gunman Jo

honey on G now you finish with your find

Sheila I'm talking about prayer see now

it's unless you talk up most of us only

have one or two kinds of prayer we like

to pray o men topples on their inner

Doshi honey on each Oh Holly on tanka

and these often depend on what we

learned growing up or what church we

attended college at IgG channel just

well Michael GG banshees Andy

Millman so she Dada was your woman she

that Java come and tell woman DUP or

perhaps God answered a prayer at one

time when we prayed a certain way so

we're always praying that way hoping all

our prayers will get answered what does

she say I'm dizzy andand Romeo munch on

fashi stock oh my five-year ticket out

come on away home don't you get found

but it's very clear from the New

Testament that there are different kinds

of prayers to use in different

situations they see any mention TRADOC

assume it's a potent ajahn Kanye on

Bhutan the tadka there's the prayers

that are like saws that cut there's the

prayers that are like hammers the

different tools are like the different

prayers and I'm going to list them for


yah-tchi yah-tchi yah-tchi on transit

cinta holla at you like anything okay

the list I'm giving you isn't isn't an

official list it isn't the complete list

but it's nine kinds of prayer that I can

see when I look at the Scriptures

th economy solely - I'm nothing but a -

yo soy

the Calcutta fashion with only two Lila

Kashi just you well eh like a banjo

nigga if you can find more kinds of

prayer that's great you go ahead

Giroux nincada that kind of attention

doggone I'm Injun Joe you're back

but I hope this list helps you cuz your

work Joe she want Jigga team Dante bonne

journee the first is praise and

thanksgiving so she's using bad timing

you can call that a duration and

declaration well McCain Joe Pesci don't

shingashi don't got you sin Bible calls

praise the gates in which we enter his


Jenny also make sure that I say I do

it's a pad immense m18 with how do you

get it's very important to make these

declarations and Julia Claudia she ain't

got not just come to God and ask for

what we want what did you tell not send

me in to show what yes I'm not another

kind of prayer is surrender you might

don't thought gosh it sounds with about

God a deliberate act of submitting

ourselves to the Lord's will tell you

that shelf a woman says you to send it

to eat to line up our mind will and

emotions to His purposes no mrs. I eat

your chinga get ontology tongue weight

could eat another kind of prayer is

listening prayer anyway don't thought

gosh it King this is hearing God's voice

to get God's guidance T Shanna show you

got energy knowing what his will is for

this earth and for our life personally

do you know how did you do a mission

look down to the jinx em up we're gonna

talk about how to do that well me I can

you sure that's on TJ's then

there's binding and loosing prayers as

described by Jesus in Matthew 18 sama

definitely she by John yes with John

talkin Pony she found a dog up he talks

about these kind of prayers in relation

to keys Jersey the Thalgo no good to go

Yoshio question keys that give us the

right to enter

did he or she do a meal champion Katie

no or to lock uh and keep someone out

Corday's she's not about to get uh so

bad her such a tight challenge it's in

black I want the keys to the kingdom to

you well yeah

dodging routine Cody Asche Nina I

believe you can learn how to use some

Welsh accent hey she's you how young

comment another kind of prayers

agreement prayer me my guy should tell

you about God that's when faith is

multiplied when people come together

Don young man Gigi's Angeles Johanna

mm then another kind is the prayer of

faith meanwhile she's using a cup now

faith is required for every prayer

bellamy cacao she is easy but there's a

certain kind of prayer called the prayer

of faith doctor she's not God

it's a declaration she don't simcha

we're gonna show how powerful it is and

when to use it well girls we need how go

yeah now I teach a Misha horn Gallo

another kind of prayer is intercession

meanwhile how you jump out God just a


now many people use this word in in

churches and oh sure how they jump on a

medium fan told a doctor gets it and

every time they ask for God to do

something they call it intercession

hello shaman chocha also here submission

haven't just reduce your data but I'm

gonna show you a more accurate view of

that term

Danny giant God didn't in Chadha do you

can find it's one of the master keys one

of you know what a master key is it's a

key that can open many different locks

nama Jessica Giada Yahshua easy judge

you're taking yashuna

pocket casa and Donna saw and

intercessions like a master key that


Oh Josh Antigua oh yeah yeah she yeah

we'll talk about that well move a tent

we're gonna talk about petition which is

asking God for things or happened not

cheat oh just cheat ocean yo um yeah the

she T we're also gonna talk about what

Paul refers to as prayer in the spirit

in 1st Corinthians 14 they're going to

change its example OSHA that Lily back

out with me I'll kinda narrow this

includes the gift of tongues but is not

limited to the gift of tongues

Jabar koala fine yet and sick I should

think you finance it

now I've just listed nine kinds of

Prayer okay now Lea kool-aid oh don't go

imagine if you spent three minutes

everyday in each of those kinds of


gyro and made my sentinels mhm on the

thought got it yet and then you finished

it with more praise yah John Kendall

attend made by you thought got yeshu

that would be 3 times 10 that be 30

minutes in prayer right there chin down

on each aging so I say she friend on the

dock Allah

all of a sudden spending a half hour in

prayer doesn't seem too difficult does

it you can talk about this house you get

double cut net so if we will take the

time to do some study Terry Omaha and

she jelly and Joe

learn the many different facets of

prayers described by the Bible means

he'she'she's Antti Niemi under the coat

on put on let's have yet our prayer life

can become exciting woman oh gosh I'm

off my feet honey think that and

effective until Yoshi ah so in the

sessions that follow we're gonna discuss

those different kinds of Prayer ji ji ji

hyung calm joy hand out Jigga put home

fashion a cup

hope you join us next time and we'll go

through them together

god bless you jo mutation I tell you um

the cutter Shen Xue funny