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we can't sell beef its peanuts and by

the way unbelievable people are coming a

lot of people that are illegal are great

people just let's get it straight they

don't want to give it straight because

the press are liars they're terrible

people but here's an idea so Mexico is

sending whatsapp it and by the way

they're coming from all over the world

including the Middle East why not

come in come on in we're stupid we'll

take care of you will pay get sick will

take care of your hospitalization what

kind of a plan do you want Oh Don you're

a little controversial you're talking

about illegal immigration I said it's

illegal that there are four immigrants

on the whole creator come on try getting

it out try getting it I'll get it out I

mean I don't know if you're gonna put

this on television but you don't even

know what you're talking about try

getting it out go ahead the premiums are

going through the roof the deductibles

frankly you have to get hit with a

Komatsu tractor in order to use them

they're so high we just spent a million

dollars building the soccer field okay a

soccer field for our prisoners that

happen to be in Guantanamo okay I don't

like that what do you need a million

dollars for level out the surface let

them play the Iranians are great

negotiators the Persians are great

negotiators and we have people that are

babies it's like a chess player

grandmaster playing against a checkers

child no that's what it is we give them

think of it a nuclear scientist and they

won't give us a hostages back it's so so

insane President Obama

secretary Kerry I highly think you

should read this book quickly quickly

they're very stupid people in our

country negotiating for us and we have

leaders that don't know what they're

doing you know Jeb Bush one of my

opponents I noticed he's not doing very

well in the polls I've actually no and

by the way they said I won the debate is

that nice is that nice the polls came

out and said on and the media look at

all those people back there scavengers

they're like scavengers they'll probably

say the crowds were about equal well

they were equal but that's the way they

are very dishonest CNN is terrible

CNN you're with CNN are you with CNN I

good you people do not cover us

accurately at all so they have a few

protesters outside and they have

thousands of people the first question

from CNN is about protesters so what I'm

gonna do is span out span out show them

the crowd press show them the crowd

show them the crowd look they're not

turning the cameras they don't even turn

the cameras they don't even turn the

cameras because you know what they're

very dishonest people because you know

what they do they have the camera live

television on my face the entire amount

my wife goes I go home were there any

people there tonight darling they don't

see they never show the crowds frankly I

don't even think they give a damn about

education half of them and I'm sure some

you maybe do use that word in this will

I will because people want to hear the

truth Frank I watch you all the time

they want to hear the truth

correct we have to be able is the rest

ourselves but referring to people as

rapist to referring to me to John McCain

a war hero five and a half years of as a

bo w and you call him a dummy is that

appropriate in running for president

let's you gotta let me speak though

friend cuz you interrupt all the time


so no I know them too well it's the

problem in the center of the stage

tonight businessman Donald Trump

I would never give up my microphone I

thought that was disgusting that showed

such weakness the way he was taken away

by two young women the microphone they

just took the whole place over that will

never happen with me I don't know if

I'll do the fighting myself or if other

people will but that was a disgrace the

way they - I felt badly for him but it

showed that he's weak you want to be

what vice president oh now his questions

no longer is good he had great

credibility until he said that now it's

like where did he come from we need a

leader that wrote the art of the deal I

said trade deals who would do better I

know I'd say one I know the greatest

negotiators in the world some are

horrible people horrible human beings

who cares some Wall Street guys they're

brutal they're miserable you wouldn't

want to go out to dinner they're

terrible people I love him you know

who's our primary representative right

now Carolyn Kennedy

you know how she got the job 60 minutes

she went to the White House

she said I'd love to have a job I have

nothing to do they said how would you

like to be the ambassador to Japan she

goes really you know why I say she's

nice cuz my daughter Ivanka likes her my

daughter so great she is such a great

person my daughter likes her she said

daddy she's such a nice person I agree I

don't want a nice I want to kill her

we're tired of the nice people what do

you need to spend a million dollars we

just spent it's a story today a million

dollars on a soccer field how do you

spend a million dollars during the

soccer field you have a level piece of

land throwing the ball let him play

soccer if they have to play at all see

you're not supposed to say that somebody

graduated last or second to last in

their class because you're supposed to

be like Frank says very nice folks I

want to make America great again we want

to get down to brass tacks we don't want

to listen to his stuff with being

politically correct and everything has

we have a lot of work to do ten years

ago everybody wanted the wall the

Democrats the Republicans they couldn't

get it you know one of the reasons they

couldn't get it environmental impact

statements did you know that there were

toads there with it it's the most

incredible thing NBC calls me we'd like

to see you a couple of months ago the

head of NBC comes to see me and the head

of NBC's boss I don't want to mention

names cuz they're really good people the

friends of mine although I probably will

never speak to him again either

first of all Rand Paul shouldn't even be

on this stage he's number 11 he's got 1%

in the polls and how he got up here

there's far too many people anyway would

we not all be worried to have someone

like that in charge of the nuclear horse

objected mr. Trump I never attacked him

on his look and believe me there's

plenty of subject matter right there

that I can tag legit okay I want to I

want to give

I'm gonna make it's a massive plant what

are the biggest in the world they're

going to make all these cars trucks and

parts they're even making parts it's so

big to make the parts the trucks and I

actually gave them a good idea why don't

we just let the illegals drive the cars

and trucks right in through the border

they don't have to Eve it's true no I

gave them that

save a lot of money that'll be next

no no they'll be doing that next so the

Mexican government is not happy with me

to put it mildly

and again I respect Mexico but their

leaders are too smart for our leaders

cuz we have stupid leaders okay you mean

it's not politically correct and yet

everybody uses it I say you know what

give me a different term give me a

different term what else would you like

to say oh you want me to say that okay I

said I'll use the word anchor baby

excuse me I'll use the word anchor baby

he would give a sermon you never wanted

to leave sometimes we have sermons and

every once in a while we think about

leaving a little early right even though

we're Christian and pledge to not run an

independent campaign against that person


we're looking for you to raise

now raise your hand now if you won't

make that pledge tonight mr. Trump who

is Uma married to one of the great

sleaze bags of our time Anthony Weiner

did you know that she's married to

Anthony Weiner you know the little thing

being VIN bombuh

I love you very much

I'm a very militaristic person but you

have to know when to use the military

I'm the only person up here that fought

against going into a right now can our

response to this excuse me one second

and I'm making a box right now you know

you are unless yet you do have you 1%

but have you ever asked God for


I'm not sure I have I just go and try

and do a better job from there I don't

think so I think if I if I do something

wrong I think I just try and make it

right I don't bring God into that

picture I don't I see I could say

absolutely and everybody I don't think

in terms of that I think in terms of

let's go on and let's make it right

let's say that Jeb Bush or Hillary or

one of these politicians all talk no

action all controlled by lobbyists and

special interests and owners people like

me from previous months ok total control

Bing Bing bong bong Bing Bing Bing you

know that is right we have heads being

chopped off because they're Christian in

the Middle East we have borders where

people are being killed all of the world

is cracking up and they're worried about

my tone so what would president Trump do

so I don't have money I don't have

lobbyists in fact I've had in the last

two weeks because I've hired many of the

lobbyists that's true I hire lobbyists a

great they're terrific people they can

do whatever the hell you want him to do

okay so there's a businessman I got

along with Clinton I got along with

everybody that was my job to get along

with people but doesn't want to do me

one second no I didn't want to go okay

not take more energy tonight I like that

well I was asked to cry David won it was

my obligation as a businessman to my

family to my company to my employees to

get along with all politicians I got

along with all of them and I did a damn

good job in doing it go ahead so and the

poll just came out and I'm tied with Jeb

Bush and I said oh that's too bad

how could I be tied with this guy he's

terrible he's terrible

Hilary Clinton was the worst Secretary

of State in the history of our country

the worst our enemies are a disaster our

friends and the haters more so

uma is getting classified secrets she's

married to Anthony Weiner who's a perv

oh yes

somewhere there we'll find a balance

tonight so now I have dinner with my

kids almost always and I'm always

available to my children I could be in

the middle of the biggest most important

deal and for instance if Ivanka called

me right now I'd say bye-bye Frank

you're a wonderful guy I think it's

unlikely but if Jeb became president

when they say mr. president's very bad

that Ford's building in Mexico oh okay

we'll do something let me go to sleep

first we'll do something we need

somebody that can take our jobs back

right because we're going to help our

country's gone to hell

and Frank doesn't like the word help but

we're going to hell I beat the people

from China I win against China you can

win against China via smart but our

people don't have a clue we give state

dinners to the heads of China I say why

are you doing state dinners for them

they're ripping us left and right just

take him to McDonald's and go back to

the negotiating table seriously well I

heard you you it nice man he apologized

because he actually said that we had a

misunderstanding and he said today that

Donald Trump is maybe the best interview

there is anywhere that he's ever done

now unless he was just saying that on

CNN to be nice but he did say that oh

you're the best interview in America we

had a legitimate misunderstanding in

terms of his pronunciation of a word but

I would say just talk well I think it

was and he actually said that did you

say that and so where he makes an

interesting okay so I will say this

though you was giving me name after name

Arab name Arab name and there are few

people anywhere anywhere that would have

known those names I think he was reading

him off a sheep and Fox hasn't touched

this I've been in touch with Kelly - and

I've been let's go come on got it all


there's counselor one of my house pieces

yeah this counterfeit substandard parts

and most of the nuclear plants and in

our defense substandard parts in nuclear

plants in the United States I'm not

surprised to hear that why am I

surprised and some of them have come

from China now when I bought airplanes

do when I brought this out the NRC Nokia

laboratory Commission accused me you can

and our weapons we don't even know if

they work to show you how stupid we are

they did a major television program 60

minutes I don't know if anybody saw it

where they go into the silos the stuff

is old its rotted the phone systems

don't work the wires going to the phones

are all they don't even know if it works

and I said if I were Obama I wouldn't be

showing that and they got in there

because Obama wanted people to see how

bad it is so that maybe they could get

some money to fix it up how stupid is

this our enemies are looking at this

stuff with 44 year old phones and wires

that don't work and the people they're

interviewing the people that are working

in these phone systems and this thing no

you can't hear you can't hear and I'm

saying can you believe what we're doing

it's like in the war they were saying

we're going in in two weeks and we're

going to be attacking a certain city you

know what I'm talking about and we're

going to attack and this is the way

we're doing it and we're going in and

I'm saying can you imagine the great

General Douglas MacArthur or George

Patton any of these great guys any of

these great guys listening to a

president say exactly what we're going

to be doing then I said you know that's


because they'll do the opposite they

didn't it was exactly as he said first

of all these lenders aren't babies these

are total killers these are not the nice

sweet little people that you think okay

you know I mean you're living in a world

of the make-believe Chris you want to

know the truth right now we have Obama

he won't call he doesn't even call to

get our hostages back from Iran here we

are in the middle of a deal

he doesn't call about that one sentence

I'd say you got him before we start get

those people back used to be three now

it's four get those bitch they'd be back

then that's our here our politicians

John McCain two days all Benghazi you

don't hear about it anymore Hillary

Clinton with emails all the emails two

days I'm not disappointed in the

Republicans in many ways they talk and

talk and talk and I just got back from

Chattanooga to and I spoke this at

Marines there and guess what happens to

Anthony Weiner a month ago I see he went

to work for a public relations firm do

you believe it now if you think that OMA

isn't telling Anthony who she's probably

desperately in love with in all fairness

to Anthony cuz why else would she marry

this guy can you believe can't see

straight but if you would I got involved

because I'm in the nursing home

profession okay come on you know I gotta

go Oh Evan no let me finish them you

know what I think your questions great

and I can understand he's got basically

counterfeit parts just to cut to the

chase we don't have to know that you're

in the nursing home business what are

you trying to talk to some of us about

joining your little home come on sit


now we think it's good we think your

point is good yeah give it to him good

they said to Marco Rubio are you having

fun he's sweating like a pig I never saw

a guy sweat like this though the sweat

is pouring down

I think Rubio is a low-energy but here's

the problem with Rubio when you sweat

that much now think of it so you have

Putin he's sitting over here and he's

waiting to kill the stupid Americans

because he's been just destroying us so

badly so he figures oh and a guy walks

in and he's soaking wet and sweating

hello hello can I have some water ah and

Putin sitting there what the hell kind

of stuff is this this is not exactly a

poker player folks john mccain goes oh

boy Trump makes my life difficult

he had 15,000 crazies show up crazies he

called them all crazy I said they

weren't crazy they were great Americans

these people have you would have seen

these people you I know what a craziness

I know all about crazies

these weren't crazy so he insulted me

and he insulted everybody in that room

and I said somebody should run against

John McCain who has been you know in my

opinion not so hot and I supported him I

supported it for president I raised a

million dollars from it's a lot of money

I supported him you lost he let us down

but you know he lost so I'd never liked

him as much after that cuz I don't like

losers but but Frank Frank let me get to

him he hit me he's a war hero more euro

he's a war higher half years he's a war

hero because he was captured I like

people that weren't captured okay I hate

to tell you

Jill's rewarding that there's a war hero

because he was captured

news flash the Republican Party's been

fighting against a single-payer system

for a decade see I think you're on the

wrong side of this if you're still

arguing for a single plan I'm not I'm

not I don't think you heard me you're

having a hard time tonight

all right late I know Anthony winner for

a long time I knew before they caught

him with that being Bing Bing right and

he was a bad guy then it turned out that

he was a really bad guy so Rand Paul

calls he wants to play golf I play golf

I kill him at golf I did but when the

folks of Iowa found out the true facts

of the job that you've done in Wisconsin

all of a sudden YouTube he was number


now he's number six or seven in the poll

so Jeb Bush let's say he's president oh

yeah yay he knows it so good hell of a

little pressure don't let the plant be

built and he might even say don't let

the plant be built might even call the

head of Ford the plans not gonna be

built and then the next day he'll be

called by special interests that

supported him his lobbyists who push him

around like a piece of candy Jeb Bush

will never take us to the promised land

he doesn't have it never see did you

ever see a sign that says Jeb Bush or

bush now there's a reason he doesn't use

his last name because it's not gonna

work too well cuz we had a lot of

problems with that last name and I think

you can see I'm having a good time

I really am you know they said to Jeb

Bush it was like this they said are you

having fun yes

our governor here in Massachusetts

Charlie Baker has described some of your

comments about women as reprehensible do

you have response to that no he must

have been talking about Jeb Bush because

frankly Jeb Bush said he didn't want to

fund women's health issues and then he

came back a few hours later and he said

he misspoke

I think he must be talking about Jeb

Bush he's not talking about me

Jeb Bush said that on women's health

issues that he won't fund him then he

went a Paula gi's he's you okay Jeb Bush

said that on women's health issues he

won't fund them whose fault is it you

ready third time ready

Jeb Bush said that on women's health

issues he won't fund them then he said

oh I misspoke I'm so sorry there was no

question because I heard when he said

the statement I was watching and he said

the statement and I said wow I can't

believe it I will take care of women I

respect women I will take care of women

you said you're going to fight for women

how about you even at Eckerd except you

said it I want us Jeb will be very poor

as a present no energy okay yes

Jeb Bush a frequent target of yours and

what do you think well I would say Jeb

Bush is a frequent target because when

this whole thing started I thought he

was going to be the primary competition

but he's drifted very much to the middle

of the pack and he's rapidly

disappearing so we're gonna have to

start looking at somebody else one of

the things people love about you is you

speak your mind and you don't use a

politician's filter however that is not

without its downsides you've called

women you don't like fat pigs dogs slobs

and disgusting animals your Twitter

account only Rosie O'Donnell

we have totally incompetent people now

some people say they're bad people I

don't think they're that smart to be bad


I just think honestly I mean a lot of

people get angry when I say I don't

think they're bad I think they're stupid

I think they're incompetent

I think Hill way to a terrible president

she was the worst Secretary of State in

the history of our nation why would she

be a good president I think she'd be a

terrible president these politicians

they run and they run and they win and

sometimes they lose and they keep

running that's all they do is run and

then you have this guy Lindsey Graham a

total lightweight here's a guy in the

private sector he couldn't get a job

believe me they don't people with the

cage did you see that they dunk them and

drown them these people make Saddam

Hussein look like a choirboy

and then I watch this idiot Lindsey

Graham on television today and he calls

me a jackass he's a jerk is he actually

probably seems to me not as bright

honestly is Rick Perry I think Rick

Perry probably is smarter than Lindsey

Graham but what do I know

I'm at 38 I think in South Carolina he

said three he's a senator they have zero

they have one they have two why do they

keep going there's something I don't

understand if I was one of them I would

crawl quietly out I'd probably tweet

I've decided to get out of the race I

wouldn't have a news conference no it's

true I tweet I decided I'm gonna get out

of the race and then I'd sneak out to

someplace with my wife and I just go

away okay so now Bush goes in and he

makes a mistake and then Obama frankly

might as well have stayed there but okay

but he made a mistake too and I said

keep the oil do you remember that and

everyone said we don't care keep the up

it's a sovereign country you can't keep

the oil I said keep the oil we're in

there now you blew it you shouldn't have

gone in so here's to hazard Iran is

taking it and Isis has it and Isis now

is building a hotel in Iraq they're

competing with me you believe it

they did the beheading and then they've

done other and I said you know they make

it a big mistake Isis because if they

wouldn't have done that and if they

wouldn't keep doing we wouldn't have

cared we could have been gone but you

can't now when you see what they do you

can't had they not done those things the

level of violence

we're like living in medieval times you

know when you hear middle medieval times

you always think we're all civilized

it's a jungle it's horrible out there

they call me the ratings machine so I

have you know she she gets out and she

starts asking me all sorts of ridiculous

questions and you know you could see

there was blood coming out of her eyes

blood coming out of her whatever and

then I I see Rick Perry the other day

and he's so you know he's doing very

poorly in the polls he put glasses on so

people will think he's smart and it just

doesn't work you know people can see

through the glasses

so he said he shouldn't be allowed on

the debate stage I said to myself he

shouldn't and then I tweeted you know

have many millions between Facebook and

Twitter it's great it's like owning a

newspaper without the losses it's

incredible credible so I tweeted that

Rick Perry should have to have an IQ

test before getting on the debate stage

I mean here's a guy goes on a bicycle to

go on a bicycle race he's 73 years old

he's in a bicycle risk he falls he

breaks his leg during the negotiation

and I tell everybody and you probably

heard it I swear to you I will never be

in a bicycle race as long as I'm

president had to subject my wife into

the middle of a raucous political

conversation was completely

inappropriate and I hope you apologize

for that Donnell well I have to tell you

I hear phenomenal things I hear your

wife is a lovely one yes she's just

fantastic and this is utterly the love

of my life if she's right here and when

I do apologize I prefer no I won't write

that because I said nothing wrong but I

do hear your lovely woman I want to get

paid the same as a man and I think you

understand that so if you become

president will a woman make the same as

a man and do I get to choose what I do

with my body

you're gonna make the same if you do as

good a job they spent listen to this 1

million dollars on ads against me in

Iowa now here's the good news they use

the best pictures I look so good in

those pictures I'm trying to find where

they got him because they're stupid but

I was like a young guy I looked so

handsome I said to myself oh I wish I

still look like that it would be great

and his son came back from the deli and

he called the father used to call him

old man old man I'll be there in 3


Rubio I've never seen a young guy sweat

that much no I've never seen he's

drinking water water water I never saw

anything like this with him with the

water but and everybody Huckabee nice

guy he was seriously hot he was soaking

wet I grabbed him around his back I said

good job and it was soaking wet I

immediately it seems like this election

has been a whole lot about a person

who's very high in the polls but doesn't

have a clue about how to govern a person

who has been filled with scandals and

who could not lead and of course I'm

talking about Hillary Clinton

I think a marrow to you it's been an

amazing journey for me it's been a lot

of fun I never thought I'd be a

politician in my life uh he said I'm not

yeah I guess you're right I'm not I