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test instructions

the listening test is about 50 minutes

there are six parts in the listening


you will have about six minutes to

listen to each passage

and answer the questions

the passage will be played once

left click on the mouse to select your


practice question

there is one practice question

listen to a short conversation the

passage will be played

once then

listen to the question and choose the

best answer

unfortunately i missed the concert last


listening to problem solving you will

hear a conversation

in three sections you will hear each


only once after each section you will


two or three questions you will hear the


only once choose the best answer

to each question

good morning can i help you i'm having a

problem with my eyes

they are red and really itchy and

driving me crazy

i'm wondering if you can recommend

something i can see your eyes look

really sore have you gone to your doctor

no not yet i thought i'd get some drops

to make the problem go away as quick as


well we have over-the-counter eye drops

that might help

what does over-the-counter mean it means

that the product doesn't require a


usually an over-the-counter product is

much less expensive

but it can be just as good as the

prescription that's what i want

which eye drops should i get well this

brand is usually effective

but it depends on what's wrong with your

eyes if you have an

infection for example you really should

see your doctor

okay i'll get these but if they don't

help in a few days

i'll see the doctor

question one why does the woman explain

about over-the-counter products

question two what advice does the woman

give the man

question three why does the man

buy over-the-counter eye drops

hi i was here a few days ago and got

some eye drops

yes i remember did the drops help

not as much as i hoped so i took your

advice and went to the doctor

he gave me this prescription do you have

a health plan that covers your


no i don't so how much will these drops


thirty dollars these are really good eye


they should take care of your problem

quite quickly yeah but

thirty dollars is a lot the other eye

drops were only ten dollars

and they made my eyes feel a little

better why is this prescription

so much more expensive well i think it's

just the way

pharmaceutical companies set their

prices however

your doctor knows the best medicine to

solve your problem

so you can trust that these are

excellent eye drops i'll have them ready

for you in ten minutes

question four why does the man return to

the pharmacy

question five why is the man upset about

the price

your eye drops are ready use the drops

every day for the next

seven days put two drops in each eye

three times a day try to space the time

out evenly over the course of the day

i can do that no problem the easiest way

to get the drops into your eye

is to pull out the bottom eyelid and

squeeze in the two drops

then close the eye and rub very gently

to move the drops around then do the

other eye

that sounds really hard but i'll give it

a try

i don't like anything getting near my


you should see a lot of improvement in

two or three days

these are really good drops great thanks

for your help

question six which picture

best fits the woman's instructions

question seven why does the man think

the instructions are difficult

question eight why does the woman tell

the man

how to use the eye drops

listening to a daily life conversation

you will hear a conversation followed by


questions listen to each question

you will hear the question only once

choose the best answer

to each question

wow that was quite the lineup for

customer service

i'd like to return this purchase and get

my money back

sorry you had to wait so long we're

short staffed today

and the manager is off sick is there

anything wrong with the printer

no it's a great machine and a really

good deal too

an all-in-one printer scanner copier and


for about ninety dollars what's not to


the thing is i won't really use it

because my son

just bought me one exactly like it

so it's not needed anymore okay

our return policy is that we refund the

purchase price of returned electronic


if they're brought back in new condition

within 30 days

do you have your receipt with you right


sorry it got a bit crumpled in my wallet

i bought the printer on august 9th

just 10 days ago so it's covered under

your return policy

right let's take a look inside and see

all the original packaging is here the

serial number on the printer matches the

one on the box

you've brought the instruction manual

usb cable telephone line cord

where are the ink cartridges they're

inside the printer

i installed them already they work just

great and there's still lots of ink in


no worries we'll take this printer back

for you if you give me your visa card

i can reimburse you i see on the receipt

that i was also persuaded to buy a

one-year warranty for ten dollars

and there was also some sort of nine

dollar charge called an eco fee

what's that it's a fee the government

collects at all stores province-wide

to help pay for recycling and safe

disposal of electronic items

we'll refund your eco fee as well as the


the fourteen dollars in sales tax will

also be credited back to your account

wow ninety dollars for the printer plus

thirty three dollars in warranties eco

fees and taxes

that's a lot of hidden fees now that i

think about it

that purchase wasn't such a bargain

after all

question one who is the woman talking to

question two what happened in this


question three why does the man open the


question four what does the woman get

question five what should the woman have



listening for information you will hear

a conversation

followed by 6 questions listen

to each question you will hear the

question only once

choose the best answer to each question

hi welcome to king's landscaping what

can i do for you

hi there i'm having a problem with a

tree in my backyard

i thought maybe i should ask an expert

you've come to the right place

our landscapers have over 20 years of


what seems to be the problem i have a

very large maple tree

and i think it's rotting it has fungus

growth all over the trunk

and it has recently started to bend a

little like it's falling over

it blocks a lot of light to my living

room windows anyways so

i thought maybe now is the time to

remove it

large fungus growth sounds like heart

rot disease

that's common in maple trees it will

decay maples from the

inside out often causing a hollow inside

i would recommend getting one of our

tree removal experts to come look at it

and give you a price estimate

that's what i think too i have a

neighbor who offered to remove it for


but the tree is very close to a power

line so i don't want any accidents

also there might be some difficulty with

removing the tree

i live on a steep hillside overlooking a

lake and my backyard is quite small

i agree with you removing trees around

power lines can be dangerous and should

only be

handled by professionals the space of

the property shouldn't be a problem


we have several ways that we can remove

a tree if there is limited space

we can saw it into many pieces or if

your property is close to the water

we can bring in a boat to haul the tree

oh great now what about the remaining

stump of the tree

the tree is pretty big i would say the

stump is at least three feet in diameter

we grind it down to the ground and then

you can just let the lawn grow over it

are you or any of your neighbor's

gardeners we usually leave the wood

chips from the stump

to place around flower beds i'm not but

some of my neighbors are and i'm sure

they would love that

wonderful let's book a time this week

for someone to come out and take a look

question one why did the man

call the woman

question two why won't the man allow his

neighbor to help

question three which of the woman's


is the man most pleased with

question four why does the woman ask

if the man and his neighbors are


question five why is the man happy

that the tree will be cut down

question six what decision

do they make at the end of the


listening to a news item you will hear

a news item once it is about one and a

half minutes long

then five questions will appear choose

the best way

to complete each statement from the drop

down menu

recently at a neighborhood yard sale

book enthusiast dale mckenzie discovered

a literary treasure

at the yard sale mackenzie bought

several books for just five dollars

when he returned home he noticed that

one of the books

an old copy of emma by the famous

english novelist jane austen

was a rare first edition of the novel

curious about the value of the book

mackenzie looked up an antique book

dealer on the internet

i thought the book might be worth about

fifty dollars said mackenzie

but much to his surprise he found out

that a first edition of emma

like the one he bought at the yard sale

was valued at approximately ten thousand


mckenzie plans to sell a novel through

an internet auction site

he wants to donate half of the profits

to the public library

which is in need of a new reading room i

love books said mackenzie

and would really like to improve our

public library so that other book lovers

can have a quiet place to go and read

with the remaining money

mackenzie plans to take a vacation to

germany to visit one of the world's

largest annual book fairs

listening to a discussion you will watch

a two-minute video

then eight questions will appear choose

the best way

to answer each question

you will watch a conversation among

three employees

two men and one woman in a company's

break room

they are discussing an issue at work

this is jake this

is gene this

is jill

hey guys have you seen next month's

schedule it was posted last night

yeah and i noticed that i'm scheduled

for three weekends in a row

same thing happened to me last month i

didn't say anything about it because i

didn't want to rock the boat

but i really need a weekend off next

month well that doesn't seem very fair

i wonder what's going on with scheduling

well maybe it's because most of us and

the other supervisors have children and

you're single gene i mean it can be

really hard to work weekends when you

have family responsibilities

my wife works most weekends i have to be

home but jake

that's not really fair i mean he

probably has

other responsibilities too just because

he doesn't have kids

doesn't mean he should work almost every

weekend listen

i wouldn't be happy either have you

talked to the boss about it gene

yes but he says he can't do much about

it because it's already been posted

it's up to me to find someone to change


he also said that because i have the

most seniority he likes to have me there

on busy weekends

i think there's a lot of sports

equipment rentals and special orders and


but you guys could totally handle that

yeah i think any of us could cover the


i actually think it would be good for us

to get used to the busy weekend rush

it can't be any busier than the mornings

that we get stock

i mean it took us hours to put away the

hockey equipment

and the snowboards last wednesday i

wanted to get away for a ski weekend

with some friends next month

i wanted to test out the downhill skis i

bought here last week

would someone be able to switch shifts

with me

i would very happily do two evening

shifts in exchange for a weekend shift

i'm sorry gene i would if i could but i

have family coming in

visiting next weekend and my wife's

working and my son has a hockey

tournament the weekend after that

i actually reserved these weekends off

months ago

i could switch shifts with you next


would you be willing to take two day

shifts for me at the end of the month


my son has a field trip and my daughter

has a school play

and i'd really like to go oh thanks a

million jill

i'll go talk to mr smith right now

listening for viewpoints you will hear a


once it is about three minutes long

then six questions will appear choose

the best way

to answer each question from the drop

down menu

welcome to chat radio on today's agenda

is the topic of green bins

are they a success or a failure started

two years ago the green bin program is a

waste management strategy

implemented to reduce the amount of

garbage sent to municipal landfills

as part of the program individuals are

asked to separate their compostable


such as food and yard waste into green

bins provided by the city

the bins are collected on a weekly basis

and rather than taken to a landfill

are brought to a facility that turns the

waste into compost

although generally well received the

program has had its share of criticism

for example for judith nightly a busy

mother of three

the green bins are a nightmare nightly

complains that not only is it time

consuming to sort the copious amounts of

garbage produced by a large family

but the bins are also unsanitary

attracting both animals

and bugs although the green bin is not


since the program began regular garbage

pickup has been reduced to bi-monthly

leaving many including nightly feeling

forced into its use

in contrast kirk beauregard an avid


is thrilled with the city's initiative

beauregard who for many years has

composted his own garbage using a

backyard composter

is glad to see the city catching up he


that composting is an easy way to turn

waste into a valuable product

a product used by many farmers and

gardeners in place of chemical


while beauregard acknowledges that

backyard composting might not be

enjoyable for everyone

he sees the green bin program as a way

to make the composting of one's own


accessible to everyone counselor trudy

volkov on the other hand

argues regardless of like or dislike

that the program was necessary

with the city's rapid population growth

finding an economical way to manage the

incredible amount of garbage being


was essential according to volkov city

council was faced with two choices

either build a new landfill or decrease

the amount of waste

brought to the current landfill for

volkov the green bin

is a win-win solution not only is waste

diverted from the landfill

but it is converted into a useful

product whose sale can help defray some

of the costs of running the program