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[学习本文需要基础词汇量:5,000 ]


test instructions

the listening test is about 50 minutes

there are six parts in the listening


you will have about six minutes to

listen to each passage

and answer the questions

the passage will be played once

left click on the mouse to select your


practice question

there is one practice question

listen to a short conversation the

passage will be played

once then

listen to the question and choose the

best answer

unfortunately i missed the concert last


listening to problem solving you will

hear a conversation in three

sections you will hear each section only


after each section you will hear two or


questions you will hear the questions

only once

choose the best answer to each question

excuse me are we stopping at the art

museum next

for an hour yes it has a wonderful

collection of 18th century furniture

i think you'll find it very interesting


i think you're right which is why i

wanted to ask if we could stay longer

i doubt an hour will be enough time i'm

afraid we're on a tight schedule

if we stay longer we won't be able to

get to the rest of our stops

but couldn't i stay longer i don't mind

missing the next stop

i really don't like wine not really into

tasting and drinking

perhaps you can come back and get me


i'm afraid we can't do that either if i

approve such a thing for you

everyone will want to be staying longer

here and there

question one why does the man approach

the woman

question two what exhibit is at the


question three what is true of the bus


is everyone ready for lunch we'll be

stopping at a popular vegetarian

restaurant shortly

couldn't we stop somewhere else instead

i'm not sure i like vegetarian food

maybe we could go to a place that sells

burgers and fries

i'm afraid we've already booked a

restaurant with a group this size it's

hard to find enough tables at the last


we also want quick service since we're

on a schedule

yes but we haven't paid yet there are

probably other restaurants nearby

couldn't we all just go where we want

and meet back at the bus at say

one o'clock i'd rather the group stay

together sir

if anyone gets lost or into some kind of


i'm sure we can manage we're all adults


i'm sorry sir i didn't mean to imply

that you couldn't manage on your own

but accidents can happen and i'd like to

be able to provide help in that case

question four why does the man want to

change the lunch plan

question five what is likely the reason

for the woman's response

excuse me could we go back i forgot my

umbrella at the restaurant

oh dear it's quite a way back we

wouldn't be able to keep to our schedule

but it is looking like rain and i'd

really like to have my umbrella

the rest of our stops are indoors and

i'd be happy to lend you my umbrella sir

but i'd really like to go back and get

my own umbrella it's an expensive one

what i'll do right now is call the

restaurant and ask them to keep it safe

until you can go back on your own

would that be okay or perhaps they'll

send it to you

if you give them your address that's a

great idea thank you

i'll be able to pick it up after the

tour i suppose i can use my raincoat in

the meantime

question six what is likely true about

the man

question seven how does the woman help

the man

question eight what is the man's

reaction to the woman's response

listening to a daily life conversation

you will hear a conversation followed by


questions listen to each question

you will hear the question only once

choose the best answer to each question

oh it's a hot one today isn't it yes

it is very hot our apartment doesn't


air conditioning so i really look

forward to being here in the park in the

middle of the day

same here and for the same reason it's

nice that these benches are in the shade

and still close enough to the playground


mingy doesn't look very happy today is

your daughter ill

no minji's fine she wanted to go to the

swimming pool but i said no

it's just too long a bus ride on a hot

day like today

i know what you mean you know i was

thinking before you came that they

should have some sprinklers or fountains

here for the kids to play in

there's an open space right over there

that's not being used

they say we'll be having more hot spells

like this

it could be a lot of fun there could be

water shooting out of different spouts

some stationary and some spinning around

we could call it a sprinkler playground

it should be free of course of course

and you know

letting kids run through sprinklers

would probably be a lot more hygienic

than letting them swim in a communal


i confess i worry about what minji might

catch when she goes swimming at the pool

ear infections eye infections

you might be right the water would

continuously wash away

the kids could still wear their bathing

suits but also sneakers or special water


i suspect a sprinkler playground would

use less water than a swimming pool

did you know that they're talking about

rationing the water again this summer

at least for watering lawns yes i heard


perhaps i should send my suggestion to

the city parks and recreation department

i think you should on a day like today


i'd use it just as i am

question one what is the main topic of


question two what is true of the man's


question three why does the man ask if

minji is sick

question 4 why is the woman reluctant to


minji to swimming pools

question five what does the woman think

of the man's suggestion

listening for information you will hear

a conversation

followed by six questions listen

to each question you will hear the

question only once

choose the best answer to each question

hi welcome to music and more can i help


hi yes i'm looking for either a guitar

or a drum set

it's for my son for his birthday he's

always wanted either of those two


could you tell me a little bit about

both has your son played either

instrument before

well he had a toy drum set when he was


and loved it so much that he broke it

he's 13 now

his friends all play guitar and

sometimes he tries playing on their


but he's never taken lessons i'd prefer

if he played the guitar

i think drums would be too noisy our

house has very poor sound insulation

well we have options that will make both

you and your son happy

we sell regular drum sets but if sound

proofing is a concern

we do sell electronic drums you can plug

headphones into

so that you won't hear a thing wow

that certainly would be nice what about


you could get a classical acoustic

guitar or an electric guitar

for a beginner i'd recommend a classical

acoustic with

nylon strings nylon strings are softer

on the fingers and are much easier to

learn on

all his friends have electric guitars so

he'd probably want an electric one too

the good thing about the electric guitar

is that like electronic drums

he can plug headphones in and you won't

hear him practice

however electric guitars have steel


they can be quite painful on the fingers

for beginners and

he may get frustrated and give up


i see well there's quite a few options

which is the most affordable an

electronic drum set would set you back

the most

they start at around seven hundred

dollars a beginner electric guitar would

be a lot cheaper

and a regular acoustic guitar would be

the cheapest we have some nice quality

ones that are on sale right now

i think an electric guitar might be the

way to go i know it has steel strings

but i think he'd get used to it can you

show me some

certainly we have a great variety of

styles please follow me

question one what musical experience

does the woman's son have

question two why does the woman want to

buy her son

a musical instrument

question three what was the man

trying to do

question four what solution does the man


for the drums

question five why does the man say

the acoustic guitar might be better

question six why does the woman

think her son will prefer the electric


listening to a news item you will hear a

news item

once it is about one and a half minutes


then five questions will appear choose

the best way to complete

each statement from the drop-down menu

recently arrived residents mike and

paula hendricks are delighted that the

community garden they started this


in their townhouse complex in arnprior


has turned out to be a big hit

the couple have been avid gardeners for


mike said they were disappointed that

there weren't any nearby community

gardens to join

they decided to start their own

they soon found that almost everyone in

the area was enthusiastic about the idea

a team of 30 residents converted a large

unused patch of grass

into gardening plots they filled the

beds with soil and compost

they also dug a pond to collect rain

water for watering plants

now the garden is packed with vegetables


and people one resident at suco tanaka

said that it's a great place to hang out

and socialize with the neighbors

another man said he was delighted to

find that growing his own vegetables

cut down his grocery bill the local

wildlife seemed to benefit as well

gardener and biologist john chaney who

is researching frog populations in the


is thrilled that the pond is now home to

a species of endangered frogs

paula said there's something for

everyone in the community garden

listening to a discussion you will watch

a two-minute video

then eight questions will appear choose

the best way

to answer each question

you will watch a conversation among

three co-workers

two men and one woman they get together

in a meeting room to discuss

a new work assignment for one of them

this is brenda this is

larry this is tom

yes tom brenda and i want to talk to you

about presentations presentations

what about them well we're the sales


we do all the sales pitches uh we meet

with potential clients on a regular


and uh show them our products and hopes

to acquire new accounts

and we think that you should come on

board you want me to start doing sales


uh look i don't have the skills or the


tom why would you say that you started

with the company what about a year ago

as a sales assistant

since then you've worked in three

different departments and you've done

very well in all three

absolutely we've been talking with your

past and current co-workers to get


and they all speak very highly of you

you do beautiful charts

top-notch reports and everybody really

seems to like you

how did you manage that by the way i

don't know i just

help them out when they ask me for

things i try to give them what they need

see that is the mark of a great


identifying the individual's needs and

delivering to their expectations

hold on brenda tom didn't seem

particularly excited when we offered him

the opportunity to start pitching

now i think it's important that tom tell

us exactly what it is that's bothering


well it's a couple of things really i i

don't feel like i'm competent

um what if they ask me questions about

our product that i can't answer

technical questions i'm sure you know

more than you think you know

plus you're a great communicator no i

don't think there's anything here that

can't be solved with a little bit of


okay i'm also not that keen on public

speaking i mean i'm

good one-on-one but i remember even back

in school when i had to do presentations

you know when you start to blush and

you're you're breathing heavily and your

mouth gets dry and your

your palms start to get sweaty i think

that you should attend some

important sales presentations with our

more senior sales representatives

i think that'll help you get some

confidence and be more sure of yourself

really help you fight that stage fright

i agree a little observation

a little preparation a little practice

you'd be amazed at how far it can go

you wouldn't believe how bad i was when

i first started

and now he's winning awards you mark my

words tom

you're gonna follow in his footsteps

welcome aboard

listening for viewpoints you will hear a


once it is about three minutes long

then six questions will appear choose

the best way

to answer each question from the drop

down menu

suburbs they're a curious beast they're


urban nor rural and their sole purpose

is to provide a space for domestic life

with their homogenous architecture and

thematic subdivisions

they're often perceived as ugly their

visual monotony stems in part

from the fact that they were

meticulously planned in contrast to city


which evolved organically and

haphazardly over time

in response to changing economic


but ever since the internal combustion

engine revolutionized commuting

the suburbs have attracted the

inhabitants of the cramped and chaotic

inner city and lured them out to the


in the 1970s essayist narendra benzal

described how this would-be paradise

evolved to embody the worst

of the post-modern world benzel said

that suburbanites had opted out of the

vibrant urban communities that held

society together

she predicted that suburbanite's

alienation and boredom

would eventually give rise to an anxiety


this anxiety she felt would eventually

make suburbanites return to closer knit

psychologically healthier urban


so in fact the prefabricated houses and

manicured lawns that gave the suburbs

their initial appeal

would eventually be their downfall in


suburban sprawl was curtailed by the

financial crisis

it was then that benzel went from


to doom-mongering she famously declared

that the death of the suburb

was at hand this dismal view of suburbia

was unwarranted

says demographer lee stavanowic she

maintains that

families and professionals are flocking

to the suburbs

especially in the developing world where

rapid economic growth has been

associated with declining urban density

stavanawick suggests that as populations

gain in wealth

they consume more goods and take up more


this trend she says is proof that we're

not witnessing suburbia's demise

instead she believes we're witnessing

how a growing global middle class

is affecting settlement patterns

sociologist and best-selling author

manuel rubio observes that millions of

people around the globe are

lining up to swap urban frenzy for

suburban tranquility

however rubio questions whether global


can survive the war on global warming


car culture is one of suburbia's most

persistent features

meanwhile in the first world rubio sees

the young

the bored and the frustrated turning

their collective backs on the white

picket fence world they sprang from

to rubio this suggests that suburban


satisfies people who are willing to

settle for less

but that it can't satisfy the appetites

of those eager for material

success perhaps benzel's prophecy of

mass anxiety is being realized in at


some of the population