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in the mythical world of ancient China a

land of legendary monsters evil witches

and sinister villains the wise monk

Tripitaka and his protector of monkey

set out on a treacherous journey in

search of a fabled Scrolls of wisdom

joined by pigs e and sandy these four

companions travel together through this

strange and magical world and during

perilous adventures and dangerous

adversaries on their mission for the

Emperor and all of China the legends of

The Monkey King is China's greatest

story it is an expedition unlike any

other ever taken it is the journey to

the west

Tripitaka monkey pigs e and sandy were

continuing the westward journey in

search of the books of wisdom when they

came upon a wealthy Kingdom they were

horrified to discover that in the shadow

of the Royal Palace hundreds of

prisoners were being forced to work

endless hours in the hot Sun under the

merciless surveillance of the King's

advisor the wicked lured Fang

the prisoners are complaining that they

haven't had a rest all day many of them

are at the point of collapse my lord why

don't you tell me how the work is

proceeding I'm sorry to report we have

fallen many days behind schedule then

there will be no rest

and so the work carried on the broiling

Sun was at its zenith the prisoner

slaves had already been taxed far beyond

their endurance but Lord Fang cared more

for the Swift success of his building

program that he did for the suffering

men and under conditions like these

accidents were bound to happen



and a hapless card fell right in the

path of the for pilgrims to identify


we're pilgrims on a quest for the books

of wisdom oh yeah

the God seemed curious about the four

companions so our pilgrims and monks the

same thing pretty much yes then you

should know it's a crime to be a monk in

this land from now on you'll be slaves

with the rest of them not if my magic

staff has anything to say about it we

for the second time that day Lord fangs

guard was sent flying head-over-heels

and once more the work was disrupted it

is wrong to mistreat honest monks I

insist that you let them go yeah make us

yeah make us why don't jerk I'll make

you a deal I'll complete the monks work

but you must let them go

suni little squirrel like you those

delicate little monks hands of yours

couldn't lift that twig I'll show you

what I can do


monkey had made no idle boast as the

gods and prisoners were soon to learn

a whole month's work done in the blink

of an eye

the monks knew someone possessing a

great powerful good had come into their

lives that day we are extremely grateful

to you why is it a crime to be a monk

here the king has three advisors their

Lord Fang Lord Lord Lord horn it is they

who convinced the King to make it a

crime to be a monk they're building

themselves a lavish temple he needed

many slaves to do the work and we are

those slaves there is truly much evil

here what's going on

star war the work has been done somehow

I doubt it there were the logs neatly

stacked atop the hill Oh monkey had made

good on his word as you can see their

task has been completed please let them

go let them go I see you're giving

orders now

suddenly out of nowhere the Kings entire

army appeared hundreds of soldiers on

every bridge and battle it sharpened

Spears at the ready ah even the cliff

edge where the logs were stacked was

lined with a contingent of fierce

soldiers surrender yourselves to us

immediately or I shall call upon these

soldiers to attack you your paltry

armies no match for me

monkey hold on huh I wish to be brought

before the Kings advisors so that I

might attempt to reason with them calmly

master be serious they won't listen that

decision is up to them but I must try

master I agree with monkey I see we make

our stand here

the Masters right besides he might be

able to talk them into giving us some

food I still think you should let me

take care of them you must learn that

not all of your problems can be solved

by force monkey

and so trip attackers request was

granted and the four pilgrims were

ushered into the dark and forbidding

halls of the palace where the three

advisors Lord Fang ler claw and Lord

horn were waiting each chamber led to

another even more secret sanctum

and the darkness and stifling lack of

air who more oppressive with every step

these advisors must be evil indeed if

they were obliged to hatch the plan so

deep within the bowels of the earth and

so far from the warmth of the Sun and

the scrutiny of honest men when it

seemed as if they walked for miles they

came to yet another forbidding iron

portal through which the gods entered

but which suddenly slammed sharps are

ready to receive you behind the iron

door the trembling guards bowed before

the three evil Lords the four pilgrims

we have taken captive wish to plead

their case before your exalted

excellencies they're waiting just

outside to our T's for they claim to be

monks in search of sacred books but

they're spreading subversion amongst the

slaves then I'll give them the Welcome

they so richly deserve





guess we can forget about lunch bread

and water once every morning or in the

dungeon now my friends permanently so

get used to it once again their trek

across a seemingly peaceful and

beautiful country had been interrupted

that night the four companions lay awake

in their dismal cell you know this

wouldn't have happened if everyone had

just listened to me huh what are you

talking about eggsy didn't I say that I

believed it would be wise for us to

steer clear of this place no you said

there'd be food here I'm sure there is


let's stop bickering and find a way out

of here how will we open the doors huh

or get past the guards two of monkeys

magic hairs transformed into flies

carried a sleepy portion to the

unsuspecting gods


master we can leave now no I'm staying

you want to stay I came to reason with

these advises and that is what I intend

to do but Master listen to monkey once

you're free you can talk to the advisors

and the King as well Sandi's right we'll

go to the palace first thing tomorrow

and ask to see the King come master once

out in the narrow streets of the town it

was necessary to proceed with great

caution as the town was crawling with

soldiers that had been posted to make

sure that none of the monks that were

being held prisoner would escape it was

doubly dangerous for monkey and his

companions as it was a full moon and the

streets were brightly lit they sought

some place to hide out but the

unfamiliar streets and laneways offered

no safe haven


suddenly they heard footsteps did you

see the way that monkey stacked all

those logs must use some kind of magic

he's a wizard make no mistake about it

well there's no need to worry now he and

his friends are locked up they already

think Lord fangs dungeon can hold such a

conjurer who's that

maybe was that chicken ear for luncheon


the four companions were on the run

again with soldiers patrolling the

streets very even more nervous they

thought they heard another patrol and

ducked into the shadows but it was not

soldiers this time we heard you been

locked up in the dungeon no dungeon can

old the likes of us but what are you

doing here ha we've escaped as well

we're on our way to a secret place very

near here yes there are going to be more

than 500 of us gathered there we're

preparing to fight the advisers and

their troops I must urge you look for a

peaceful solution to this conflict how

can we violence only begets violence I

beg you to think about what you're doing

master I suggest that we accompany them

to this secret place and see what's what

hmm the monks meeting place was many

miles outside of the town if you will

place your trust in me I shall convince

the King to put an end to this unjust

law with the monks blessing Tripitaka

and the others set off for the royal

palace when they arrived the king was in

the throne room meeting privately with

his three wicked advisers Your Majesty I

offer you this magical calabash may it

bring you excellent health and

prosperity is there no end to the

wondrous that costly gifts by which you

show your love for me begging your

Majesty's pardon but there are pilgrims

to see you into the throne room strode

the four pilgrims with Tripitaka leading

the way if the pilgrims were stunned by

the beauty of the palace the advisors

were even more stunned by the audacity

of the pilgrims to patek a desired with

all his heart to avoid a brutal and

bloody war between the monks and the

king's army and to see the unfair law

against the monks overturned and justice

restored to the kingdom


Tripitaka and his companions had come to

a land where there was a crime to be a

monk monks were taken prisoner and

forced to become slaves Tripitaka

intended to see this unjust law changed

and had come before the king in order to

reason with him but it would not be easy

for Lord Fang Lord claw and Lord Horn

the royal advisors exercised a most evil

influence over the king Your Majesty I

have come to tell you of a great

injustice in your land Oh Your Majesty

this man is a criminal and should be

hauling logs instead of making

slanderous accusations all monks are


how dare he break our laws there's

nothing I can do and why not I can't

throw him in jail no matter what our

laws say for he was sent on his quest by

the Emperor of China we interfere with

him at our peril he says he was sent by

the Emperor but what proof do you have

has it occurred to you he might be lying

all months Elias are not to be

imprisoned according to the law

Magister your Chancellor I must oppose

this law justice will be served when the

monks are free will you listen to him or

us you both raise some good points I


don't know who's right and who's wrong

here but I know how to find out for you

see I like to decide upon tricky issues

by putting the two sides to a contest

you do I suggest a rain making contest

in rainmaking

but I cannot make rain don't you worry

about it master you don't know who

you're dealing with you're the one who

doesn't know who you're dealing with


the rainmaking contest took place in the

great square before the palace Lord Fang

was the first to attempt the challenge


boldly he stood at the top of a tower

summoning his forces to the task he

concentrated so long and so hard that

the pilgrims began to wonder if he was

bluffing when suddenly the heavens began

to darken and ascendant it sure looks

like he knows what he's doing

eggsy it'll appear that I'm still

standing next to but I'm gonna fly up

there and see what's going on a golden

bird who was really monkey few up above

the clouds with a lightning lizard the

Thunderbird and the rain mother dwelt

this Lord fangs wearing me out

celestial rain maker so why do you make

rain for the evil Lord Fang because he

said rain would be good for the kingdom

and that it would make it prosper and

grow exceedingly rich yeah that's what

he said yeah and he told us we were

being helpful he lied to you

his evil is destroying the kingdom we

didn't know he was evil who would dare

to lie to the rain mother we took him at

his word well now that you know the

truth will you help me defeat him huh

meanwhile Lord Fang carried on from atop

the tower


bring fun during rain he's just a big

board fan continue to bellow commands

and flail his arms but the clouds

dispersed and the sunlight returned Lord

Fang had never filled a train making

before what went wrong there's something

wrong with the tower it's too low if

that's the case then the monk will also

fail the contest will continue now

listen carefully as soon as I make this

signal with my magic staff you three are

to bring on the rain you got it yes yes

we will and back through monkey to slip

into his own fatigue

don't worry Lord Fang I don't think the

monk stands a chance well go on it's

your turn now

let's see if you can bring us some rain

go on it's your turn no monkey this

charade has gone on long enough

just trust me you're up master


Chiquita costarred was most impressive

though once up on the tower he had no

idea what to do but monkey did darken

the skies before the monkey comes up

here again


this not wasting any time

monkey sent the signal upwards to the

waiting fungal good good

if you're ready lightning lizard it's

time to do it okay time is right he is

all over me and the heavens rain down as

they had never rained before


it was much more than the king or his

advisers had bargained for and as

suddenly as they began the rain stopped

and the flood receded we have won the

contest your majesty you must free the

monks that's what I must do huh

will you free the monks or not I've

decided that the first contest doesn't

count since your monk friend could have

simply been lucky and won by fluke so

we'll hold a second one to be sure not

fair that's cheating ah don't worry

we'll win this one too ha ha he can old

as many contests as he wants the cabinet

it's very simple this time guess the

treasure I've got hidden in the cabinet

who wants to go first

I will lord claw summoned up his powers

and attempted to see into the cabinet my

guess is that it's a golden robe no try

to guess what am I going to do now just

stand in front of the cabinet Tripitaka

did just as monkey told him to do he

stood before the cabinet he was utterly

at a loss as to what was inside this

time he'll lose for sure it's time to

even the odds


hmm I'm back you find out what's in

there what do you think no monkey raced

over to tell Tripitaka what he had seen

mmm are you sure about that I am

positive it is a torn robe your majesty

I asked you to guess what treasure was

in there treasure to a monk what you saw

a monkey just wait till they open it up


they cheated it's obvious the only way

this can be settled is to hold a third

contest your men are the cheaters and I

won't stand for it I'm gonna have to

teach you on our senses we guessed what

was in the cabinet and we won you lost

all monks are born cheaters that's

enough the pilgrims have won twice now

and so they must be declared the winners

your majesty i declare your chancellor

to be a treasure have him arrested right

now I beg you to release this man Your

Majesty win the contest and I will

Majesty I suggest a balanced contest

this time it will be a balanced contest

and if you're the first to fall you'll

join the Chancellor and the Kings

dungeon and if you fall the law will be

changed at all prisoners set free that's

how it should be a balancing contest can

be an extremely lengthy affair

especially when the balancers are good

could we possibly speed this up a little

bit the shaking suddenly stopped do only

the Lord horns plan to switch to another

tactic something's upsetting the Masters

concentration what are they up to

the monk is about default suddenly

noticing that Lord horn was no longer

standing beside the king

monk he became the golden bird once

again with Tripitaka released from Ichi

torment it was now time to even up the

score a bit

nothing tickles quite like a centipede

who's taken refuge inside your shirt



look your majesty

oh we have had enough we will not submit

ourselves to any more of this

humiliation find yourself some new

advisors well there's always my

Chancellor the month shall army freed I

am glad to hear it you have performed a

great service by ridding this kingdom of

an evil influence and by restoring my

dignity may you rule wisely and joyfully

in this day onward from then onward the

king did rule wisely the law against

being a monk was abolished and a monk

prisoners were set free once again the

for pilgrims left behind a kingdom to

which they had brought joy and justice

as they continued on their journey to

the west